How to Optimize Facebook Comments for Search Results

How to Optimize Facebook Comments for Search Results

Learn how to optimize your Facebook Comments on WordPress for search engine results.

The non-SEO friendly code snippet provided by Faceook won’t get your comments indexed in search engines such as Google.  Continue reading for reasons you would want to do this as well as how to go about locating plugins for implementation.

Why Make Facebook Comments Indexable for SEO?

SEO Facebook Comments on WordPress Posts
I Wish I Had the Solution to My Problem!

In today’s engaging environment, every bit of comment content related to a post can have value to somebody.  Once a post is published and gets through the initial social networking favor, comments become an important archive continuing to inform people, possibly solving a problem or issue.

How many times have you read a post and found a solution for a problem? How about finding a plugin you didn’t know you were ready to use at exactly the right moment? Leaving your website comments in a state that they become non-indexable might mean the difference in reaching somebody vs never getting them into your blog.


Get More Comments with Your Content…

Build Trust and Relationships

Continual conversation shows your visitors that you have an interest in serving their needs for communication.  When they can see how others have interacted, many will have an immediate feeling of comfortability and be more apt to leave a comment as well.  People will be unwilling to participate if commenting is too difficult or it’s hard to login. They will also be turned off if they feel like they’re not going to be heard. This impression is formulated as soon as a visitor reviews a comments block.

Visitor Conversation
Fact: Other People Have the Solution...Always...

Create Content, Obtain Comments, Expand On Content

Optimization can be as simple as formulating content in a manner so those who have related issues will feel comfortable that the author or other site users have the knowledge to answer questions.  Still otherwise, they may just want to leave a “high five” type note if leaving with a good feeling after reading the post.

Keep the Post Alive

The pertinent random information a user will typically post contains words and text that generally expand on the topic.  An author seldom can conceptualize all possible questions related to the writing.  This is essentially why blogging and sharing are “on fire” in today’s day and age.  Nowadays, an author is able to reach people who can expand on the value of the initial post with feedback and related questions.  The follow up items weave the web out even further on search engines (if the comments are SEO friendly) and the net result can be a chain effect branching out several different, yet related directions reaching readers of interest.  Make sure to answer every comment in  timely fashion!

Plugins for SEO Friendly Comments

So that leads to the how to…  The best bet, as in most cases, is to go looking for an exceptional plugin. Most plugins for Facebook comments are not going to include the elements necessary for having the comments indexed.  I know of two that tackle making FB comments searchable on Google, etc.

Comments Plus for WordPress

WPMU DEV Plugin: Comments Plus – This is the plugin with the most flexible set of features.  It merges the API features with the ability to have comments indexable by search engines.  It supports the “Big 3” (Facebook, Twitter and Google), which provides for a system that most any user will be able to use.  All of the comments are combined together in one stream (threaded) and if you do a view source, it’s super easy to see they are in fact SEO friendly.  The major advantage here is that the plugin doesn’t just handle Facebook comments, but tackles Google and Twitter also, providing the same SEO advantage to get your Facebook comments on Google.

Facebook Comments on Google
Facebook, Twitter...and Google.

The Comments Plus Reply Box

Search Friendly Facebook Comments
Quickly Login and Post Comments

Threaded, SEO Friendly Comments via Comments Plus

SEO Facebook Comments

WordPress Facebook OGP Comments Box Plugin

There’s another plugin for SEO Comments which provides search friendly comments. It’s completely Facebook specific, working with a regular type Facebook posting box (with SEO comments running in meta information in the background).  The downside is that all you get is a box for FB and no other networks. There is also no ability to make comments through the native WP system.  It’s all Facebook or nothing…

Facebook OGP Plugin Comment Box

Facebook Comments WordPress Plugin
Works Only with Facebook Comments

Have a Plan and Go Get ‘Em

Each of these plugins might be valuable to different users.  Most will want the ability to use multiple networks as this will greatly increase the ease of getting comments.  There are some users though that focus all their direction towards Facebook and will likely be really happy to have SEO comments with the traditional look of a Facebook box if the bulk of their membership is located on Facebook.  It’s always a good idea not to lose focus on the potential benefits of being for other login capability (Google, Twitter, Etc.)

Plugins are purely the mechanics behind your comment and engagement initiatives.  Put together a plan and use the technology that best suits you.  If posts, interaction with your existing connection base and comment potential is well thought out, you will see interaction quickly and end up with a better web asset.

More on how to encourage comments with the Comments Plus plugin.

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