How to Pick a Great Website Host for Your WordPress Blog

How to Pick a Great Website Host for Your WordPress Blog

WordPress Recommends…

First, as a matter of due diligence, I feel I should direct you to what has to say about this topic.  Here are the hosts that they most strongly recommend (and the minimum requirements that they set) for a site:

If that is all the information that you need to make a decision, then you can stop reading right now.


You might still want to take some time to think your way through the decision.  Here are the questions I would recommend you ask of yourself and of any potential host.

How Much Do Your Really Need?

Cheap, Great Web Hosting Is Easy To Find
A Penny To Host Your Thoughts?

Even the cheapest hosting plan will usually offer 10 to 20GBs of storage.  Do you need 20GBs of storage?  Well, if your website is anything like the normal website, your average webpage is probably around 1MB.  That’s right, MB not GB.  Hosts will try to rope you in by offering you much more capacity than you really need or will use.  Don’t let the “Economy” in the plan fool you, you aren’t shortchanging yourself.

What Is The Right Price For You?

There are options to suit pretty much any budget.  If your budget is nothing, well, there are some options.  If you really don’t need to do much customization, you can always just stick with a blog.  There are even some new plans to accommodate the user who only wants to pay for something once.

How Easy Is It To Use? How Easy Is It to Install WordPress?

Easy, Cheap Site Hosting
Easier Than Apple Pie?

There are plenty of things to worry about when you are launching a blog: the content, the graphics, the SEO, the audience reaction, etc.  Do you really want your hosting and WordPress installation to be another of those things?  Make life easy on yourself and go with a host that is known for a user-friendly UI and reliable operations.

Are You Trying to Do Something Interesting?

If you are trying to run a specific utility, function, or piece of software, you might want to check with the producers to see what they recommend.  For example if you are trying to set up a pretty serious WordPress multisite, you might want to ask our guys.

Friendliness of Support

At some point, your site will crash and you will be on, or across, the verge of tears.  When it does, how sweet will you want the tech support person to be?  It might not seem like an issue beforehand, but just wait a bit.

Quality of Support

Important That Your Host Provides Flexible Bandwidth And Storage
Can Your Site Get Bigger In a Heartbeat?

Even the friendliest voice on the other side of the phone can’t make up for faulty support.  Poor technical support can leave you with serious site-wide issues.  Also make sure that the web host does not have a reputation for fraudulent up-selling or straight-up fraud.


Your site needs may change over time.  Are you going to need a larger infrastructure in the future, or do you anticipate your needs remaining constant?  Check with the hosting service to see how easy and cheap (or hard and costly) it would be to increase your storage or bandwidth.

Is The Host a Good Internet Citizen?

This may not matter to you at all.  You are a hard-edge business(wo)man with an eye for the bottom-line and little time for such mealy-mouthed flimflam.  But if you are completely stuck and cannot otherwise see a hair’s width of difference between one provider and another, then maybe their record for keeping the internet an open, safe, and innovative environment could help to tip the balance.


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