How to White Label WordPress and Brand it as Your Own CMS

If you’re a developer who routinely hands over WordPress sites to clients, along with a list of instructions on things to ignore (ie. upgrade messages, irrelevant menu items, etc), then you need to consider white labeling WordPress and branding it for yourself. More than likely your client doesn’t care a hoot about WordPress and all its infinite geekery. They will appreciate a simplified interface that helps them get exactly where they need to go. Now you can completely white label the WordPress dashboard and login screen in a matter of minutes with this new free CMS tool:

White Label CMS WordPress Plugin

This plugin was created for developers who want to be able to make the WordPress dashboard easier to use for their clients’ CMS needs, eliminate confusion, and brand the CMS product for themselves.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ability to remove navigation menus for user roles of editors and below (perfect for clients!)
  • Ability to quickly tailor navigation menus using 3 configurable CMS profiles: Website, Blog or Custom
  • Remove all panels from the dashboard
  • Add your own ‘welcome’ panel to the dashboard
  • Customize the head and footer logos
  • Customize the login logo
  • Hide the nag update

Quick Start Instructions:

  • Download and Install White Label CMS WordPress Plugin
  • Go to Settings >> White Label CMS and customize everything through the dashboard

Check out the developer’s video to see the White Label CMS plugin in action:

WordPress is very powerful. However, there’s no need to confuse the heck out of your users. Personalize their experience and not only will they feel more comfortable with the products you create for them, but they will value the product more. More details can be found on the plugin’s homepage where you can also offer suggestions for what you’d like to see in the next version.