How We Are Using Crazy Egg to Radically Improve Our Product Pages

If you’re anything like us, you live or die by your conversion rate, and nowhere can this impact you moreso than on your project pages.

There are a number of ways you can go about improving them in WordPress – A/B split testing (especially using analytics experiments, or indeed our very own A/B WordPress Theme Testing plugin) being top of the list.

Knowing the figures is one thing, and knowing the behaviors is another thing entirely. Today I’d like to share with you how we’re using Crazy Egg to inform the design of our new product pages (and also give you a sneak peek of where those product pages are currently at).

And as with all the products we use and love, we’ve also scored you a 90-day free trial to try it yourself (from which, I might add, we will never receive any affiliate fees!).

Read on to see why you should give it a crack.

The Current Product Page and Assumptions

So, we’re going to take a look at the current product page for one of our latest releases, CoursePress Pro.

The original CoursePress Pro page
The original CoursePress Pro page

It’s not a bad page, I hope you would agree. It’s one that’s converted really well for us (in fact, it’s helped CoursePress become the most used WordPress LMS plugin on the web in just four weeks).

Big buttons, a nice clear video, great testimonial… What’s not to like, surely people are clicking where we want them too? Right?

The Reality… Brought to You by Crazy Egg

My favorite Crazy Egg view by far is the “News versus Returning Visitors” confetti map.

The image below is the confetti map for our CoursePress page (as shown above), where we got 4,339 visitors last week.

I’m especially interested in the white spots – those are new users, the bread and butter of the site. Once you’ve used WPMU DEV we know you already love us :)

By far my fave view
By far my favorite view.

Take a good look at it. There are some pretty startling conclusions. Here’s my take:

  • Usage – I hate that tab. It’s like showing people a manual before they buy something.. It’s an appalling way to sell things and it’s probably losing us customers. Conclusion: Rename, hide, rework.
  • Video – We have two awesome videographers who are make amazing videos of our stuff in action. It’s a serious USP – they show how great each product is, in detail, quickly, and yet NOBODY CLICKS ON THEM! It’s because the videos are hidden away as a pop-up and down in the copy. Conclusion: Let’s get those videos up there where they belong.
  • Screenshots – They clearly matter. A lot.
  • Navigation – Not a single click on the blog. Oh dear. I barely a click on Jobs & Pros, too.

The New Design… Thanks Crazy :)

So, here’s a peek at the upcoming new product page design. Note the changes regarding usage, video placement, screenshot importance and navigation.

Disclaimer – Yes, the design is using Lorem Ipsum. The site is still under development and will be out soon :)

Crazy changes by Crazy Eg
Crazy changes by Crazy Egg.

Of course, as soon as we start testing the new design we’ll be running the Crazy Egg tests all over again.

90 Days of Crazy Egg Completely Free!

You definitely want to do this with your own site and we figured we’d make it super easy for you.

So here’s 90 days – completely free! – for WPMU DEV readers only. Go try it out!

Like I mentioned, we get no affiliate fees for promoting Crazy Egg. We just think it’s an awesome tool. We use is ourselves and we want our members to enjoy it, too.

So go nail your conversion rate!

12 Responses

  • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I like the new look :-)

    I don’t really agree about the “usage” tab though. The single biggest problem with wpmudev products (in my opinion) is the lack of useful information, and the “usage” tab is often the only place to find it.

    People are clicking the usage tab to help them make an informed choice – “is it better than product B?”, “does it do what i need it to do?” etc etc.

    Provide more detailed information, not less.

    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

      I agree with you! At least me, as a regular buyer, always look for the details which let me make a better choice, not because of the cost but because of the results i am gonna get (‘does this do what i need, or what it says it does?’) and “how” am i gonna get them (‘usage guide, -well organized and moderated- forums, etc’).

      Thanks a lot for the info, i have never tried A/B but i am surely gonna do it and of course i am gonna take the free 90 crazy egg days.

      Love from Chile!

    • New Recruit

      YES. What’s wrong with seeing the manual in advance? I WANT the manual before buying the product – so I can check that the product actually does the three things I want it to do. The 167 things that it can also do are all very shiny, but I usually come to wpmu with a clear idea of exactly what I need, and I want detailed information on whether a product can do it.

      As for the videos tab – classic example there of working beyond what the data is really saying. It could be that nobody clicks on videos because they are ‘hidden away’ but personally my reason for never, EVER clicking to see videos is that I LOATHE sitting through slow, unsearchable, promotional video content aimed at a general audience when I’m trying to find the answer to a specific question. Screenshots – yes. I can scroll through screenshots, see a checkbox, think : YES it can do that – and move on.

      Videos are brilliant for complex how-tos on visually complex 3d things like ‘how can I paint a sky’ or ‘how do I change the keyboard on this laptop?’ To answer a question like ‘can I customise the quiz answer reporting by participant group/date’ – don’t give me a video, give me a screenshot or a feature list.

  • Great points guys… I should have added that another couple of things we are working on (in terms of the ‘Usage’ dilemma) are:

    – Making it so our plugins work much more simply and better ‘out of the box’ (no manual required)

    – Making our overall product description pages more detailed… so that people don’t *need* to click ‘Usage’

    As well as generally trying to improve our documentation.

    I’m really interested in what you say @victoria_clare though about videos, we try to keep out all under a minute and super descriptive (they are our ‘demos’ if you will) – here’s another thought, whatabout *auto playing* them… now whether you agree with that or not I reckon it’d be a fascinating AB test!

    • New Recruit

      Autoplaying video? Nooooooo! (I would quite like the ability to slay people who autoplay video WITH MY BRAIN.)

      The thing is with video, no matter how well you are doing it, my perception of informational/promotional video will still be dragged down by having seen way too many bad videos – too long, unsearchable for the nugget of info I want, full of frustrating ‘introductions’ for presenters I don’t care about, slowly explaining things that I already know, or things that aren’t important to my situation.

      Even a minute can seem like a really long time if you know that you could pull the one bit of info you need by scanning a transcript much more quickly.

      I know people have different learning styles and certainly there are people who find promotional video very useful indeed – but for those of us who prefer to scan-read a whole document and view screenshots, please don’t put things in the video that aren’t also available in other formats!

      • WPMU DEV Initiate

        I totally agree with the comments regarding videos, which seem to specialize in dragging on & on. About something that should be short, sweet and to the point.

        The flip sides of the above are the videos that never fit the hype which prompted me to click on the link in the first place. As @Victoria_Claire said; “too many bad videos-too long, un-searchable for the nugget of info I want, full of frustrating ‘introductions’ for presenters.” In other words, a video with a whole bunch of information most of us could, careless about learning, hearing or viewing.

        I really don’t need a person’s life story in order to make a buying decision. Just get to information that’s pertinent or important to my situation, and get there quickly.

        I have found that a really well written description of the product is far more valuable for the introduction than a video.

        Where a “good” video does come in handy is; after the purchase. I prefer video documentation when it comes to things such as; product features, setup instructions and usage scenarios.

        But that’s just me…!!!

  • Flash Drive

    The heat map shows that people are clicking like mad on the two “Get CoursePlus Pro” buttons. That includes a lot of red clicks from return users, who I’m guessing have done their homework on the product. And your response is to hide them? Unless the conversion rate from those clicks is near zero, I’d think you’re getting exactly what you want!

    I’m with victoria_claire on all counts regarding the videos. They tend to be (and this isn’t just your videos, it’s true of all the premium sites I see) not very informative about the one or two things I need done. And auto-play is bad — we’re all in a work environment with other people around, we don’t remember how high we’ve got the volume turned up and all of a sudden music starts playing from some tab somewhere on our screen….you get the idea.

    So at the top of your page instead of the “sell” buttons you really want people to click, you’re going to replace them with a video that nobody wants. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

    • The red clicks are logged in users installing the plugin (you can do that from the button), obviously for them they won’t have the ‘become a member’ button so I hope we’re good.

      Let’s see how we go re: the video, I’m only half joking when I say we might AB test autoplay (eeek) and I get what you are saying about details… but the only way to find out is to test huh.

  • New Recruit

    Hello everyone,

    I am somewhat a newbie to the world of Web Site Design and function. While I have built a number of sites over the last 5 years, nothing I have ever done compares to what I can now create with the tools from WordPress and the plugins WPMUDEV offer.

    Recently, I have been looking for a membership plugin for WordPress that would allow me to sell individual streaming videos for a period of time, allow me to collect payments, set durations for use and protect my content. Well, WPMUDEV has a plugin called “Membership” that looks to be my answer and is what I plan to use for my client.

    What sold me on Membership was the training video! Spicy and tetchy Power Point videos do nothing for me because it is all hype with”0” content. I have learned that I cannot trust flashy promo videos as-seen-on-TV. Watching the Membership training/function videos allowed me to see the product screen by screen and what appears to be the simplicity of implementation and configuration in one package. The video made the product REAL and Functional. While I understand the need for a manual as a reference point, the video(s) is so much more.

    As my prime income over the last 20+ years has been based on video production, to survive I must move to the Web to continue. With products from WPMUDEV and WordPress the move is so much easier and with very little bloodletting.

    KEEP THE VIDEOS or at least give me a link to get to them. Almost forgot, KILL the Auto Play because it drive me nuts.

    Regards to all,

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