How would you like your new theme pack?

I posted this on the Premium forums, but as we’ll be releasing a new theme pack (or at least a component of it) for free I figured it was worth asking here too for requests & feedback…

Essentially, we’re currently working on a revamped theme pack, which will see a range of improvements across all themes, including:

– Nested comments & other new comment thingys for all themes
– 100% internationalization of all themes
– Validation fixed up for all themes
– A *much* simpler advertising system that allows you to edit one file to drop in an ad under every single post title and above content
– Cleared up searchforms re:
– Image alignment code (so that native WP alignment works on all themes)
– Gallery styling (so native galleries look nice)
– Caption styling (so native image captioning also looks nice)

Can you let us know any other edits or improvements you’d like to see to the themes?