How You Have Improved WPMU DEV: Plugin Fever

How You Have Improved WPMU DEV: Plugin Fever

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Thanks to all of you who filled in the WPMU DEV survey. As James talked about last week, it’s given us a lot to think about.

You know all those surveys that you fill in and you’re thinking that there isn’t much point because no one ever listens to you anyway? Well this isn’t one of those times.

You ask. We act.

This week I’m going to talk about how we’ll make your WPMU DEV Dreams come true.

One of the main things that you all love us for is our plugins. We have a lot of great plugins but this year we’re going to have even more. Over the next twelve months you’re going to see the following things happen to our plugin directory:

screenshot of wp directory

  • More single site plugins
  • More plugins that do one thing really, really well
  • Continuing development on our core Membership, MarketPress and Supporter Plugins (you know, the ones you guys love).
  • New major plugins: we’re thinking CRM, Event Management, Booking, HTML Newsletters, Forms, Popular & Related Posts for Multisite, Security, Mobile Apps, and Site Performance.
  • A plugin request form for members
  • Plugin voting for members

How does that sound? A bit like Christmas?

Of course, the year has already started out well with our shiny Directory and Wiki plugins. Lots of plugin goodness to get excited about.