How You Have Improved WPMU DEV: Support Forum Ticketing System

Yes, you did read that title correctly.

At the WPMU DEV support forum we have added a ticketing system. This was a major request from some of our members who wanted to be able to open a support ticket and have it open until the issue is resolved. Now that’s possible! Check it out:


Posts on the support forum are now marked “Open,” “Resolved,” or “Not Support.” This will help our users and our devs keep much better track of support issues. And you can all easily search the forums to see if your issue has already been resolved. This should help Mason and his team improve their already great support.

And don’t forget, you can also subscribe to any topic to keep up-to-date with how things are progressing.

So all you guys who said that you’d sign up as soon as we had a ticketing system – here’s the sign-up link ;)