Activate, Manage and Delete ANY Plugin or Theme in The Hub

So you asked, and we listened! Today, we’d like to officially announce the ability for you to upgrade, activate, deactivate and manage any WordPress plugin and theme straight from The Hub.

And, of course, that means you can now upgrade all of your plugins and themes across as many sites as you like with one “Update Everything” click, too, saving you aeons of time. But more on that in a bit :)

Activating, Managing and Deleting Plugins and Themes Couldn’t Be Easier!

All you have to do is visit the “My Websites” section of The Hub, and you’ll see all you active and inactive plugins and themes, right there.

Hub overview
Not just WPMU DEV plugins!

As you can see, all of my plugins are nicely up-to-date, but were they not you could easily update them either individually, or by hitting the nice big “Update Everything” button (which does allow you to exclude certain sites) at the top of the section.

Configure, Deactivate, Activate, Delete…

And what’s more, should the plugin expose a link to its configuration options, then you can easily skip to them, straight from The Hub too.

Easily configure and deactivate plugins.
Easily configure and deactivate plugins.

Of course, all core WPMU DEV plugins work with configure links straight out of the box, so it’s never been easier to get set up and make tweaks to your website setup, all from one handy place.

And, as you of course know, updating plugins and themes regularly is the key to good security, so all updates are clearly identified right from The Hub homepage.

Inactive plugins can be cleaned up, or reactivated!

And, given that we know you’d like a way to easily clean up old plugins and themes… Hey, we’ve developed that for you, too!

All you need to do is roll over the setting button of the inactive plugin or theme that you’d like to either bring back to life or clean off your system and… hey presto! Easy to delete. There you go.

And You Can Now Install WPMU DEV Plugins and Themes, Direct From The Hub

Yep, that’s right, and you weren’t hallucinating about that tidy blue box subtly stuck above and below your websites.

We’ve always offered the option to install plugins directly via the WPMU DEV dashboard, but now you can manage the whole lot straight from The Hub.

All you have to do is roll over to the plugin or theme you’d like to install, for example Hustle (because it’s amazing!), click on the “Install” button (you need to be a member to see it) and you’ll get your complete list of sites, along with the option to install, activate and, if it has been activated, configure the plugin from right there in the WPMU DEV backend.

Install and activate options for Hustle
Install and activation, straight from WPMU DEV

Oh, and We Made it Fully WP Engine Compatible Too

Props to the fine people from WP Engine who we’ve worked with to make sure this works great out of the box over there too.

So you can now enjoy some quality hosting, along with some quality WPMU DEV. Yum!

But We’re Still Just Getting Started… and What Can We Do to Persuade You?

There are a whole heap of exciting new features ready to roll out in The Hub, some of which I can’t even tell you about as they’re that cool.

But what we’d really like to know is how you as WPMU DEV members find the new functionality and what we can do improve it for you?

Or, if you’re not a member yet, what you need for us to do to convince you to make The Hub a place where you can happily manage all your websites while enjoying all the other perks of a WPMU DEV membership.

Let us know in the comments… We’re listening!

And, if you aren’t a member already, sign up for a completely obligation-free trial at WPMU DEV now and you even get to keep all of our plugins and themes if you don’t decide to continue to use The Hub.

James Farmer
Do you use The Hub? What features do you like? What features would you like us to add? Tell us what you think and let us know your feedback in the comments below!