Hummingbird Speed Optimization Plugin Now Free at

Got a serious need for speed? Satisfy it – for free! – with Hummingbird. We’re excited to announce today that our speed optimization plugin is now available to download at

Updated: 08/16/2018 Hummingbird includes page, browser, RSS and Gravatar caching, full Multisite support, all new developer tools and a new streamlined interface.

Hummingbird is the ultimate performance optimization plugin for WordPress. Once activated, it scans your site for potential speed improvements and provides fine-tuned controls for file compression, minification and browser caching. Not only does Hummingbird make your site faster, it also helps you improve your Google PageSpeed Insights score!

Fast AND Free!? Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming

You may have noticed we’ve been looking for ways to give back to the WordPress community and what better way to spread the love than by sharing some of our favorite tools!

Well, everyone’s making a big deal over pagespeed because it is a BIG DEAL. Slow pages have visitors bouncing faster than a rabbit in heat and if your site isn’t optimized to load lightning fast you can kiss your dreams of ranking on the front page of Google goodbye.

With a quarter-of-a-million downloads, Hummingbird alongside Smush image optimization is the powerhouse site optimization duo for every WordPress site.

Crank Up the Speed With Hummingbird

When you install Hummingbird it will run an initial scan that looks for files that are slowing down your site and spin up a list of recommendations for making your site run at top speed.

Run your first scan to get one-click improvements and suggestions for speeding up your site.

Hummingbird even includes one-click improvements that will quickly make your site perform at its best without confusing instructions.

Hummingbird Minification Powers

Loading all your files from the header of your site make your pages load slowly. Hummingbird will tell you where your files are loading and let you easily reposition them to speed things up.

Reordering files provides a big boost but we know one wrong move can cause compatibility issues. With Hummingbird, there’s no need to worry! Move files to find the best configuration and if something goes wrong you can reset with a click.

Reorder, compress and reposition files with Hummingbird.

Make Your Files Really Fly with GZIP Compression

Activate GZIP and make sharing your site with others more efficient. Sending zipped files is faster and can save you money on hosting.

Sounds complicated, right? Not with Hummingbird. Just activate GZIP and Hummingbird will take care of the rest. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Load Your Pages Even Faster the Second Time

Did you know you can make your site load even faster for returning visitors? Browser caching stores content in your visitor’s browser so they don’t have to download things twice.

No fumbling around with confusing settings. Hummingbird detects your server, applies the best settings for your setup and gives you fine-tune control over cache expiration.

Give returning visitors a faster experience when you activate Hummingbird browser cache.

CloudFlare is Baked In

We think CloudFlare is pretty great so we added the ability to control your CloudFlare browser cache settings right from inside Hummingbird. Simply add your CloudFlare key and configure away.

Hummingbird is a one of a kind WordPress performance optimization plugin that can make your site run at superspeed, for free!

Unlock Your Sites’ Full Potential With a WPMU DEV Membership

The Free version of Hummingbird is a great way to squeeze the most out of your site but if you need automated scans, uptime monitoring, enhanced minify compression with up to 2x the regular optimization, CDN hosted minification and Smush Pro image optimization, ratchet up the power with a WPMU DEV Membership.

Plus, if you’re running more than one site, Hummingbird Pro locks directly into The Hub so you can manage all your sites’ optimization, security, backups, SEO, plugin and theme updates and much, much more right from one place. Ready to get started with WPMU DEV? Get started completely free for one month.

James Farmer
Have you used Hummingbird yet? We would love to hear how much your site score has improved in the comments. If you really love Hummingbird, hop over to and give it 5-stars - your reviews are really what let us keep giving things away for free!

33 Responses

      • Design Lord, Child of Thor

        Hi Michelle,

        I think the rest of the guys have a point here. If you are continuing making everything free, what is it in for us? The core value of the product is out for free similar to Defender. So for your paid members, you give less! I am not sure if that makes sense!

        Personally, I don’t manage 100 sites and have seel services to make the money of the subscription back!

      • Chief of Keepin' it Fresh Div.

        We spent a ton of time thinking through this and our members are one of our highest considerations in development. The amount of time it takes for us to give an effective but limited version of our premium plugins back to the WordPress community is simply a win-win. Not only does it expose our community and products to millions of new users, it helps us improve our products and ultimately helps us provide better services to our members. Our members regularly benefit from the success of our free plugins and service. Smush and Custom Sidebars are a perfect example of the symbiotic relationship having plugins in the WordPress repository has had on the WPMU DEV community. This does not take away from our Membership, it enhances it. Our premium offerings are only getting better. Take heart my friends, you are not suckers. :) We are open to your suggestions and please let us know if you see a dip in quality or service as a result of these free additions.

    • Hey Fabio, I just tested this on my sandbox and it’s working correctly for me so I feel like this is likely a plugin/theme conflict?

      I tried finding the support ticket in your profile but didn’t see it there. Can you link me to the ticket? or was it in a live chat that you reported? Just wanting to make sure it’s being taken care of :)

      Look forward to hearing back! Cheers

  • New Recruit

    Hi WPMU Dev – I have a great appreciation for corporations that remember how hard it is to get started as an organization. I’m an unemployed person who’s slowly but surely trying to start an SEO/Web Design Consultancy. It’s hard enough starting a business without being broke. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you guys making the last three tools that you’ve made free. Even the free versions seem fantastic and useful. It’s nice to work with an organization that cares about the little guy because I is one. However, there will come a day when I’ll get my first customer and it will be a no brainer to join the membership for all my websites that I help. Appreciation brought by loyalty brought by acts of kindness lasts a long long time. Well done mates!

  • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    When I see an announcement that something I paid for is now free, I initially have the same instinctive knee-jerk reaction as others. But as I said in my post on the Defender announcement, this is good for all of us and I welcome the evolution.

    This is a way for WPMU DEV to do some immediate marketing, and as people continue to see the name it will turn into brand recognition, more members, and more money to the company for more staff to create more for us. With more eyes on the products we will see more bug notices and feature requests, and that makes the product better for us.

    The only thing I’d suggest to WPMUDEV now is that with both of these announcements prompting the same “what’s in it for us” questions, that messaging should be refined to address all concerns.

      • New Recruit

        Now I’m biting back the response of – well gee what’s in it for us broke people that can’t afford $45 a month yet… :-) Sounds like a universe full of features and services for $45 a month and unlimited websites too.
        Can’t wait to get my first SEO client so I can buy it for them and put it on my website and play with all the toys. (-:

        • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

          Hey @Brad – As an independent developer I totally feel the pain of having to purchase tools and subscriptions to support clients. It’s chicken-and-egg, do you buy tools to do awesome things which you can sell to clients, or do you earn enough money from clients to buy tools to do awesome things? I have VERY few subscriptions now. I used to pay yearly for MSDN. I was paying a lot for Telerik controls for ASP.NET. I pay for web hosting, email separately, and database tools. At some point we have to balance between Expense and Investment and drop the tools that aren’t earning us more than they cost. It’s only an investment when we can ultimately charge the client for the tools, whether directly or not.

          And there is the point where many people don’t follow the model: You can offer premium resources to clients who are willing to pay for it. Give them the free version of WPMUDEV plugins and upsell them on the value of premium editions. But CHARGE THEM. No, I really mean it. Our instinct tells us to try to lower the cost to the client as much as possible to be more attractive and to beat the competition. I’ve been doing business for over 30 years, and I’m telling you, CHARGE CLIENTS for VALUE-ADD. They expect to pay for it. They do not respect us when we try to give away value just to get their business. How much do you value the authors of Free FOSS plugins and themes? Probably not as much as you value any business to which you’re paying money. So yes, give clients free plugins. Make sure they recognize the value. Don’t just make their websites work – convey to them that your expertise has allowed them to get this far with free tools but they can get More with for-fee tools. I don’t suggest an upsell for everything, but create that balance where they understand the Value of the next step. And then charge a small profit over your cost. Get a few clients to pay a percentage of the expense – more clients contributing means all clients can pay less – as long as the total invoiced price to your clients is about 150% of your cost. Now it’s an investment, not an expense, and you won’t even feel it. You’ll have clients paying for your tools which are now just a cost of business – not a cost “out of pocket”, never to return.

          As to the value of WPMU DEV, I quickly found on getting a membership that the resources here are very helpful in forums and chat. I’ve had my issues with chat but it is quite valuable. I find myself very careful not to abuse the availability of staff resources, as I also don’t like people abusing me through Skype or email. Most importantly, their assistance helps to save me time.

          And time=money. THAT is extremely important. “FOSS is only Free if your time is worthless”, a colleague of mine says. If I can spend less time trying to figure out some complex WP, I can spend more time billing clients for my time. This is where web developers also falter: If you’re working on a client site, you need to be more assertive about charging for your time, because there’s a Lot of time that we spend in all of this “free” software where we’re not getting paid, and They need to pay for the time that is really being dedicated to them. Be fair but be assertive. For all of those moments where you decide your time is valuable to the client, you will get paid a few extra bucks, and each time you do that it helps to pay for your business expenses.

          I’m no shill/surrogate for WPMUDEV, I’m just a happy client. When faced with that “I can’t afford the expense of subscription services”, I have to force myself to weigh the value and then to earn the cost of the expense PLUS a small profit to make it worthwhile. YMMV HTH

          ( I shoulda blogged this… )

          • New Recruit

            Tony when I say I can’t afford it I’m trying to get started in SEO and Webdesign while being unemployed since November 17. I bought some SEO tools that have allowed me to try to do some leadgen but SEO Tools are expensive and right now we would have been evicted had it not been for my dear brother who helped us with rent.
            From a Marketing and business plan standpoint I appluad WPMUdev because they understand the plight of the little guy who might not have as much money as someone that’s been in business for a while.I hate JVzoo because most of their vendors charge you for something that is supposed to work great but then when you buy it you find out they have another level (which is what they talked about in the video) and it’s going to cost you 40 or 50 more. I would much prefer an upfront free plugin that I can test to see if it’s up to my standards, knowing full well that it has 0 service and less features up front. Those kind of businesses I will be loyal too.

    • The Crimson Coder

      Just want to jump in here and say that our announcement next Tuesday will make it clearer to members that they are getting a lot of value for their membership… :)

      While we’re offering limited versions of Defender and Hummingbird for free, we save all the good stuff for our members! Don’t get me wrong, the free versions of Defender and Hummingbird are awesome, but if you’re not a member you don’t get advanced features, live support, The Hub, etc etc.

  • New Recruit

    I know I’m new to WPMU Dev but it would see that what’s in it for you is all the plugins and themes and everything else you get that I don’t.
    You also get premium support and I don’t.
    You also get the satisfaction of having numerous great products that I don’t have access to that I can’t afford and even the ones that I do have access to are limited and don’t have all the bells and whistles. Sounds like there is a lot in it for you to me.

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