If You Liked It Then You Shoulda Put a Tweet On It

If You Liked It Then You Shoulda Put a Tweet On It

WP Like it? Tweet it! is a new plugin this month and has so far only been downloaded a couple hundred times. Its beautiful interface is the reason this plugin attracted me in the first place. As far as WordPress plugins go, this one is very pretty and fully customizable via jQuery. The WP Like it? Tweet it! plugin is based on Twitter’s new @anywhere API. Signing in is seamless and after you’ve done it the first time, then you’re signed in on all other sites using Like it? Tweet it!

This plugin adds a link to your posts and pages that calls the popup box in the corner of the page. Check out the screenshots below to see how it looks on a site:

Before sign in:

After sign in:

Installation instructions can be found at pongsocket.com, as well as information about how to further configure the plugin for options beyond the default. Nearly everything about the way it looks and functions can be customized to suit your site.

Like it? Tweet it! Customization Options:

  • Specify a jQuery object instead where the shortlink is present as text inside the element matched. Example value: $(“.shortlink span”)
  • The seperating character between the text the user types and the embedded shortlink.
  • The placeholder text for where people need to type their tweet.
  • The header in the tweet box.
  • The explanatory text found in the top of the tweet box.
  • How (and if) the tweet box should animate upon being opened and closed. Acceptable values: “slide”, “fade” or false.
  • A CSS file that will be linked inside the tweet box frame or popup. This allows you to add your own styles to the tweet box.
  • If the script is running on a hosted blog with less customization abilities, make this true as it helps implementation a bit by making sure the script is only run on individual post pages and not listing pages like the front page or archive pages.
  • Whether the tweet box should open in a popup window instead of being an overlay in the corner of the original window.
  • If using a popup, you can specify a different width of the popup window here.
  • If using a popup, you can specify a different height of the popup window here.

Why use the Like it? Tweet it! plugin on your site?

It helps less-active twitter users to post tweets about your content without a lot of effort. The user can write his own message with the tweet, allowing him to personalize the recommendation to his followers. No annoying auto-tweeting with a prepared message on this one. The only drawback for me right now is that this plugin does not yet work with WPMU. Other than that it’s a great new plugin that should help you drive more traffic to your WordPress site.