Improvements for WordPress Support Videos at WPMU DEV

Improvements for WordPress Support Videos at WPMU DEV

It was just a two weeks back that we introduced everyone to our awesome new Support Videos for WordPress

We got a lot of feed back from members saying how the video content totally rocked! Woo hoo! However, some folks were none too thrilled by a process that was rather awkward with the embed codes seemingly scattered about the site :(

Well, we figured we could do better. We went back and had some top-secret meetings, created an internal “think tank”, and took extra time on personal days to ponder ways we could fine-tune our process and make things easier for you guys.

Then we worked through the night to provide some excellent changes to the way you get the content , the way we display it, and requirements for playback.

Here’s a few of the changes that are now live on the site:

  • We’ve added a new video page which contains all of the embed codes in a single download: (members only!)
  • The individual video pages now contain a watchable copy of the video for all logged-in members! Now you can see the video before embedding it in your own site.
  • On the video page in your admin panel there are now links to both the individual videos and to the new page which gives you easy access to all the embed codes.
  • We’ve enabled wildcard sub-domains, so you can now register just the root domain and it will work on all sub-domains, like in your multi-site network!
  • And finally, très bien! – Pardon my French but we’re making all the videos available in other languages. To start off, we’ve made 5 of them available to our friends who hail from France. We plan to work through the entire catalog and provide French translations for each and hopefully move onto other languages from there.

These French translations are available for any of the following projects or by going to the Total Access video page mentioned above:
Add A New Page –
Adding A Paragraph –
Dashboard Intro –
Editing Images in Post/Pages –
Creating Hyperlinks –

Now, we know we have a ways to go yet before completely satisfying everyone out there. We DO have more plans for these in the works but where would the fun be in giving away everything at once? :)

Remember, these videos are awesome and truly set-it-forget-it.  When a new version of WordPress is released with new features that requires a new video – we do all the hard work for you!  The video will be updated accordingly with nary a link change on your end.  Pretty awesome!

What other things do you want to see? What’s the top of your priority list? Have you tried this out on your site and received feedback from your members? What are folks saying?  Have you not tried these yet?  Why not!?

Let us know here in the comments!