Quick WordPress Tip: How To Increase The Maximum Upload File Size

Quick WordPress Tip: How To Increase The Maximum Upload File SizeThe other day I found myself wanting to upload video files directly to a WordPress blog. They were instructional videos and I didn’t want to make them available on the public domain, so I couldn’t simply upload them to YouTube.

There was just one problem – the maximum upload file size in the WordPress media uploader. It was set at 10mb, which wasn’t nearly big enough for the size of the files I was uploading. Sure, I could upload the videos via FTP, but it is a whole lot easier to keep things within the WordPress interface when possible.

The Solution

Fortunately, I came across the straightforward solution pretty quickly, thanks to this article. You can find the full instructions there, but it is simply a case of altering two values in the php.ini file that you should be able to find in your wp-admin directory.

I am aware of the irony of needing to access the php.ini file via FTP in order to make this change, but I am thinking more about the long term benefits of being able to upload files at will via the WordPress Media Uploader.

The main problem I came across with this solution was that a php.ini file did not exist on my server. Fortunately, creating one should be as simple as following instructions such as these (for Bluehost users), or simply asking your hosting company.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Visual Pharm