Increase New Members on Your BuddyPress Site with Invite Anyone + Cloudsponge

Increase New Members on Your BuddyPress Site with Invite Anyone + Cloudsponge

If you’ve been using Boone Gorge’s Invite Anyone plugin to boost membership on your BuddyPress site, there’s a new feature you should know about. The plugin now optionally integrates with Cloudsponge, a service that helps you pull in contact data from desktop and webmail address books.

Spread news of your BuddyPress site like wild fire…

Invite Anyone combined with the Cloudsponge service gives your Buddypress site members the opportunity to invite hundreds of their friends at once. It currently supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Live/Hotmail/MSN, AOL, Plaxo, the Mac Address Book, and Microsoft Outlook. You’ll be able to tap your users’ online contacts as well as people they know offline.

The plugin also adds in the ability for your users to keep track of their invitations and see which of their friends has not responded yet.

Check out the introductory video made by the Cloudsponge team to demonstrate the BuddyPress integration:

In order to use the service, simply upgrade the Invite Anyone plugin to 0.8 and sign up for and turn on the Cloudsponge integration in the plugin’s dashboard panel.

CloudSponge is a paid service and a portion of your membership fees will go towards the future development of the Invite Anyone plugin. This is a quality tool for any BuddyPress community that is serious about increasing membership. The Cloudsponge service makes it both easy and convenient for your users to start spreading the word about your site to everyone they know.