Increase User-Generated Content in WordPress with Front-End Article Submission

Increase User-Generated Content in WordPress with Front-End Article Submission

Save yourself loads of time and publish more content while you sleep. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? There are actually some smart ways to extend WordPress which will help you get more accomplished on your website without eating up all your time.

Get your community to create content for you and make it easy for them to submit.

You can only crank out so many blog posts per day. Why not allow your active community to start submitting posts, stories or news to you for publication? Sometimes asking users to email articles just doesn’t make it convenient enough for them. Getting users set up with an account and guiding them through the WordPress dashboard can be overwhelming for just a simple news post submission. That’s why the FV Community News plugin was created. It allows you to make a form available for users to create articles, including image upload, and allow users to post automatically or sent to you for moderation.

You won’t need to worry about spam, because this plugin comes packaged with an optional captcha and Akismet protection. You can also require that users be logged in before they can make submissions. The form is handled via AJAX and you can easily edit the responses and error messages through its dashboard settings. Other notable features include:

  • Customizable widgets for the news form and recent submissions
  • Tags for use in posts/pages
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Customizable templates
  • “My Submissions” page and the ability to edit submissions
  • Built-in RSS 2.0 Feed

FV Community News makes the process of content submission very easy for both you and your user, since you won’t have to deal with support requests from people trying to figure out the WordPress dashboard. The major benefit for the WordPress site owner is that all you have to do is click “approve” for it to publish, instead of having to copy and paste the submission from your email into the dashboard. Use it to receive anonymous tips, articles, reviews, testimonials, or even community galleries.

I tested the plugin and can confirm that it works with WordPress 3.0. FV Community News is an indispensable tool for building a community news site where users are allowed and encouraged to contribute. Spend more time building your community and let your users help to multiply your content.