Simple WordPress Site Setup With Themia Lite

Simple WordPress Site Setup With Themia LiteI have a shocking fact to reveal – some people just aren’t that interested in design. Sure – they recognize that a good design can make all the difference for the success of a website, but they want something that works and is easy to implement.

Whilst we slave away for hours, tweaking here and there to produce what we consider to be the perfect design for our blog, there are others who just want a quick and easy solution.

So I was interested in finding something new along those lines – a free theme that provides such people with the ability to have a site up and running within minutes. And I am rather impressed with Themia Lite.

Themia Lite

It offers a clean and simple design with a great choice of widgets. Other features include:

  • Image slider
  • 8 color skins
  • Built in contact form
  • Intuitive setup

One of the biggest problems amongst the “design challenged” (and I would consider myself such a person) is transferring what they have in their head into reality. Fortunately, Themia Lite offers 10 different examples of how you might format the theme for your niche. This can give you that jolt of inspiration that you need.

The guys at Ink Themes have gone out of their way to create a “plug and play” theme. They have clearly taken a lot of inspiration from WooThemes in what they do, and that is no bad thing. Themia Lite is well worth a look.

Download it here.