Install WordPress Sites Faster Than Ever With the WordPress Loader Script

Install WordPress Sites Faster Than Ever With the WordPress Loader Script

So Granny wants a blog for her herb garden and Uncle Fred wants a little blog to document his car restoration project. You’re the resident “website guy”, which means it’s your job to set up blogs for people. You know how it goes. ;)

Well, now you can set up new installations of WordPress quicker than ever. The other day I came across a tool that avid WordPress users and developers will love. It is the quickest way to install WordPress, other than using Fantastico, which can cause problems and doesn’t always install the newest version.

Check out the WordPress Loader from Alister Cameron. This little script will give you a fresh install of the latest available version of WordPress without having to transfer all of the files yourself.

Ordinarily, you would have to download the WordPress files from and then unzip and upload them to your server, which can take up to 20 minutes depending on how slow your connection is. If you’ve ever worked from your car with your phone for a modem, then you just how slow it can be. This script will give you a faster way of transferring files and will be a relief the next time you’re working with a slow connection.

How to Use the WordPress Loader Script

Step 1: Download the file from Alister’s site and then upload wordpress_loader.php to the directory where you want to install WordPress.

Step 2: Next visit the file on your server:

Step 3: Click the button and the script will automatically place all of the WordPress files on your server in about five seconds. You’ll still need to create your database and edit your wp-config file as you usually would, but you won’t have to spend time uploading all the files.

Save yourself a little bit of time by adding this WordPress Loader to your toolbox.