Installing bbPress

Installing bbPress

Tajen from: The WordPress MU Manual

Now that you have set up your MySQL database for bbPress and attached your username to the database you are ready to install bbPress following the steps outlined below:

Image of bbPress zip fileDownloading bbPress

1. Download the latest zip version of bbPress
2. Unzip the downloaded file to a folder on your hard drive.

Installing bbPress using FileZilla

You use FileZilla as follows to install WPMU:

3. Enter your domain name, your username and password. NOTE: the same username and password that you use to log into your cPanel.
4. Click Quickconnect

Image of connecting to server

5. Double click on your folder to open up the root directory of your site.
Image of public_html folder

6. Now you need to create a folder for your bbPress install by clicking on right clicking and selecting Create directory and create a folder called forum.
Image of creating forum directory

7. Locate and open up your bbPress folder on your hard drive.

Image of bbPress folder

8. Open up the forum folder on your site

Image of opening forum folder

9. Hold the SHIFT key, and press the DOWN arrow on the keyboard to highlight all the files and folders in the bbpress folder on your computer and drag it into your forum folder on your site.

Image of uploading bbPress

10. Dragging the code from the bbPress folder on your computer into the forum directory of your site uploads the bbPress code to your site.
Image of bbPress when first installed
However it doesn’t complete your bbPress installation. Check this by viewing the location of your forum in a web browser. For example for the forum would be located at

You should now see instructions for installing bbPress.

To complete installation you need to:

a) Configure your database
b) Integrate your WordPress site
c) Change your site settings

Configuring your database

1. Click on “let’s get started
Image of bbPress installer

2. In the Database configuration section you need to enter your database connection details.

These are the same details you set up in your cPanel i.e. you set up a database and username named wmpu and cPanel will have added your domain name to the front of each.

Image of database configuration details

3. Copy the text on the next screen which you will use to create a configuration file.
Image of copying text for bbPress php

4. Now open up a new Normal text in EditPlus and paste this text then save file as bb-config.php

Image of creating bb-config.php

5. Upload the bb-config.php by selecting the bb-config.php file on your computer and dragging it into your forum folder on your site. Image of uploading bb-config.php

6. Click on Check for configuration file

Image of check configuration

7. If the configuration file has been set up properly you should see the following screen and the next step is to click Go to Step 2.

Image of database configuration

Click Skip WordPress Integration for Step 2.

WordPress integration is designed to integrate the login and user data of bbPress seamlessly with your WPMU site so that you and your users can login to either your bbPress or your WordPress site and be automatically logged into both.

However set up WordPress integration with bbPress is extremely challenging even for those who have achieved it on previous installations.

TIP: You can always integrate WordPress later from within the admin area of bbPress.

Image of bypassing integration

8. You should now see the following screen and you need to click on Go to Step 3.

Image of skipping integration

9. Add your site setting details and click Save site settings.
Image of site details

10. Click Complete the installation.
Image of complete the install

11. Final screen should show that your installation is completed. It displays your username, password and site address. You will also receive these details by email.

Image of install completed