Integrate Google+ Pages and WordPress with our Free Google+ Plugin

Integrate Google+ Pages and WordPress with our Free Google+ Plugin

Yesterday came the launch of Google+ Pages, and I showed you how to integrate Google+ with your WordPress installation. Of course, it being Google you had to add some code to your theme file to get it up and running correctly. This means that if you change your theme your code will disappear and Google will stop tracking your +1s.

What if you had a plugin that you could drop your code snippet into rather than having to fiddle around in your theme files?

And what If that plugin was able to add a Google +1 badge to your website?

And what if, as a little bonus, it came with Google Analytics integration so you could track your +1s from your Google Analytics account?

But surely a plugin that does all that wouldn’t be free….. only in dreams….

Well, it is!

We’ve updated our popular G+ plugin to let you integrate your Google+ Page with WordPress.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Install the Google+ Plugin and Activate.

You can download it from WPMU DEV or from the WordPress repo.

2. Find your Profile ID

Grab the 21 digit profile ID number from your Google +Page URL:

grab the code from your page's url

Navigate to Settings > Google+

Paste your profile ID into the Google+ Pages integration settings.

insert the profile id into your Google+ settings


It also comes baked full of shortcodes so you can insert your G+Page badge wherever you want.

Bonus! Enable Google Analytics Integration for +1

If you’re a Google Analytics user, you can also enable Google Analytics integration. All of your clicks will be added to a specified category in Google Analytics so you can check out how many clicks you’re getting on your +1 button.

turn on Google Analytics integration and choose a category to track your +1s

Grab the plugin now from WPMU DEV!