Integrating bbPress as a Site Wide forum for your WPMU site

Integrating bbPress as a Site Wide forum for your WPMU site

Taken from: The WordPress MU Manual

bbPress is forum software created by that easily integrates with your WMPU site.

Setting up MySQL Database and User for your bbPress install

Before you can install bbPress you first need to create a MySQL database and user on your domain using your cPanel.

1. Log into cPanel using your account details supplied by your hosting company.

NOTE: Appearance of cPanel does vary slightly depending on what theme your hosting company uses.

Image of Cpanel

2. Scroll down to the Database section of cPanel and click on MySQL Databases

Image of MySQL tab

3. Create a database by entering the name bbpress and clicking create database

Image of creating a database

4. Once the database has been created click on the Go Back link.

Note: the name of your database and user are both given the default prefix of your domain name. This is to ensure it has a unique name from other databases when it is stored on your host’s servers.

Image of back

5. Now add your user (wpmu) you created for your WMPU database to your bbpress database by scrolling down to Add User to Database and click on Add.

Image of adding user

6. On the Manage User Privileges page select All Privileges.

Image of setting privileges