Intelligent Traffic Generator Creates Effortless Backlinks to Your WordPress Site

Intelligent Traffic Generator Creates Effortless Backlinks to Your WordPress Site

Looking for a new way to increase traffic on your WordPress site? The Intelligent Traffic Generator plugin encourages visitors to your website to publish images from your posts on their own website or forum, generating valuable backlinks to your website.

The best part is that it requires no extra work on your part to try to get people to link to your website. If visitors enjoy your content and want to grab the embed link, you’ll be able to gain backlinks 24/7 as long as your website is online.

Simply install and configure it in under a minute and you’ll have embed links added to each of your posts. This is one of the easiest ways to help your visitors help you:

The strategy of offering the embed code for sharing is the same technique that successfully skyrocketed the website from virtual obscurity into a high traffic website in a matter of weeks. The plugin’s author describes how it works:

The plugin skilfully yet inconspicuously increases your keyword density while keeping the flow of your text intact, boosting your chances of better Search Engine ranking without risks of having your site blacklisted for keyword spamming.

The Intelligent Traffic Generator plugin is a must-have for any site that posts inspiring images, comics, or any other visually engaging content.

Remember, producing quality content on your site will always be strongest way to put yourself in the position to gain backlinks and improve your search engine rankings. Don’t use shady ways to try to gain backlinks to your site. If you’re publishing quality, original content, then your visitors will be more likely to embed your links and images. The best thing you can do is give them an easy way to do it with the Intelligent Traffic Generator and then sit back and watch the traffic start rolling in.