Introducing a Free, Simple Project Management Plugin for WordPress

Finding a good project management solution is damn near as hard as finding the love of your life. If you’re already in love with WordPress, or BuddyPress and you’ve been dreaming of managing your projects from your WordPress or BuddyPress dashboard, I’ve got just the thing for you.

I’ve tested most of the project management plugins on the market, and a lot of them are very disappointing and complicated to use. But my painstaking ordeal of trial and error has not been in vain. I’ve managed to find two project management solutions which are actually pretty easy to use and have all the basic features required managing a successful project.

One of them is for BuddyPress, the other for WordPress. Since I’m partial to BuddyPress, let’s start with the WordPress solution. I’ll be showing you the BuddyPress solution next…gotta save the best for last!

For WordPress: Introducing WP Project Management Ultimate

This is a super simple, user friendly project management plugin for WordPress (oh, it’s also free…woohoo!) With WP Project Management Ultimate, a new project is created in the same way as a new WordPress post.

The right hand sidebar then contains some modifications for inputting additional project details and inviting team members to collaborate on your project. Check it out in action…

The WP Project Management Ultimate then gives you the simple option to create project types, which you can organize under subtypes (parent types). This helps you keep your projects organized according to company, project type or client:

Once you’ve got your projects organized into types, the WP Project Management Ultimate dashboard allows you to sort and to search your projects by type, date range, deadline or payment status.

Other cool features of WP Project Management Ultimate

  • Notification emails sent to members of project team when project is updated or comment is left by another team member.
  • Ability to track project status according to percentage completed
  • Custom CSS option for customized project pages

Things I Think Would Improve WP Project Management Ultimate

  • Paypal invoicing feature
  • Ability to create milestones for each project
  • Ability to create and manage perpetual projects
  • Capability to track project budget and payments sent or owed to team members
  • Ability to pay team members via Paypal mass pay (PLEASE!)

Overall, I think this is one of the best WordPress Project management solutions for the WordPress user who is on a budget and who doesn’t care to spend a lot of time learning how to use complex features.

For BuddyPress: Introducing BP GTM System

The “GMT” in BP GTM System stands for “Group Task Management,” and that’s exactly what this cool (FREE) BuddyPress plugin does. You simply create a project team by creating a BuddyPress group, then you can assign projects to group members according to predefined roles.

Check it out…

I prefer this to the WP Project Management Ultimate because you can better organize who is responsible for what tasks. You can also make yourself the project owner and delegate the management to your project manager (less work, that’s always a good thing right?).

The other thing I love about the BP GTM System is you can break your project apart according to tasks, assigning a deadline to each task AND filtering your display either according to project deadlines…

… or by task deadlines:

Other cool features of BP GTM System

  • Notification emails sent to members of project team when project is updated or comment is left by another team member.
  • Ability to filter and view discussions either by tasks or by projects
  • Ability to set up personal tasks which are not visible by other team members
  • Ability to create categories for organizing your projects.

Things I Think Would Improve BP GTM System

  • Paypal invoicing feature
  • Capability to track project budget and payments sent or owed to team members
  • Ability to pay team members via Paypal mass pay (PLEASE!)

Okay, so if I could wave my magic wand and add a few features to each of these project management plugins, I certainly would. But considering that they’re both easy to use, free and that they get the job done right from your WordPress or BuddyPress site, you won’t hear me complaining.

You can download both of these from your WordPress dashboard, or check them both out here:

WP Project Management Ultimate

BP GTM System


-Seth C


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  • Bob
    WPMU DEV Initiate

    Help me out Seth. These are cute, but like all the others because each item is not dynamically connected to any others, any change then requires changing all of the items individually. If that’s correct, then it’s no better than most current calendar plugins, and perhaps less so. If that’s not correct, please let me know. Thanks

    • Hey Bob, I’m not sure what you mean by the “items” not being dynamically connected. If you’re talking about integration with your calendar, you’re right. There’s still not an adequate WordPress solution which offers this kind of integration. These two are good for simple project management, but if you’re building a multi-million dollar marketing or design firm, you’re better off with a more robust hosted solution…at least for now.

  • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    This is part of the CRM conversation from earlier this week. A good CRM package has some of these project management features built in. Typically the calendar is the core; with records being contacts; projects; activities; communications; documentation; etc., finding their way to display via the calendar or contact list.

    I would love to see a tightly integrated CRM/Project Management package that could reside in the site database. Sorting through these junior versions is like gluten free pasta.

  • Hey Marc, nice reference on the gluten free pasta…are you from New York? lol

    I think every WordPress enthusiast is waiting to see this happen. I’m working on developing something like this right now, it’s a HUGE project though. Any suggestions or input from WordPress users is always welcome, maybe we’ll have a chat sometime on it, would be nice to get a better handle on the user’s perspective.

  • New Recruit

    Seth, appreciate you highlighting the above plug-ins (
    and for getting this convo going. The Topic of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and project management is so broad that it may be better to break it into modules. From a development perspective there are two primary angles (and probably more) to consider at the outset:
    #1 is the subscriber list, typically known as the contact database, this could also include the social universe of fiends, followers, “likes”, shares, and commenters.
    #2 is the events or calendar based approach, and includes scheduling next actions, setting deadlines, proscribing agendas, following timelines.

    With WP, facebook and other commenting platforms, we see an emphasis on a chronological or timeline approach, which tells me that users are looking for a way to organize their lives while tying in their friends, family, and inviting contacts into their event based timeline, where that information and those interactions will reside and update.
    So lets make the jump and use WPMU or BP to create a thin client implementation of WP as part of our multi user network, which can be auto-created, auto-populated, and auto-run by our contact at signup. This individual contact is now not just a subscriber but a blog owner on your network and also resides as a branch (friend) on your timeline, who’s profile is called up whenever that user is invoked, within this profile you are able to richly communicate, comment, share, chat, schedule events, manage projects, reward, promote to, upgrade functionality to…. I think you can see the possibilities here, and that with just this template alone you could runaway with the whole CRM and Project management ballgame.
    If the potential has not escaped you and you’d like to see how the components fit together and how we are implementing them, let’s talk.
    Mark Bender

  • WordPress Warrior

    Thanks Seth! …sigh I’ve seldom been as frustrated and disappointed as I have spending hours testing WP project management plugins but I do appreciate your effort in this review.

    GTM is one of the few that integrate with Buddypress which is great.

    Do you understand the use of “Classifers”? Is it their name of Tags?

    As I recall rather than creating a project then from inside that creating tasks, GTM has you create tasks then assign them to a project which to me is counter intuitive.

    Any other prospects out there?

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