Introducing BuddyBase: A New Free BuddyPress Theme Framework

BuddyBoss has just made a splash in the BuddyPress world with its new free theme framework called BuddyBase. Given that free BuddyPress themes are still few and far between, we always want to make sure that our readers are the first to know what’s available. BuddyBase is a high quality theme that will make an excellent starting point for any BuddyPress design customization. Let’s take a closer look…

BuddyBase has 6 main features that set it apart from other free themes:

  • Cross-browser compatible: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome, and even ancient IE 6!
  • Multi-level dropdowns: Out-of-the-box support for dropdown menus
  • Streamlined Registration: Cleaner, quicker and significantly more intuitive than the BuddyPress default theme
  • Intelligent Code: Clean, commented and well structured with IDs and classes are the same as the BuddyPress default theme
  • Font styles from Twenty Ten: Font and image alignment styles from Twenty Ten for improved readability
  • Easily switch between fluid and fixed width: Switch layouts in seconds by commenting out the CSS for the layout you don’t want

Unlike most free BuddyPress themes, most of which look like they were quickly hacked together, the BuddyBase theme design shows a clear attention to typography, alignment and details.

The streamlined registration process is truly a strong improvement on the default BuddyPress theme. Check out a side-by-side comparison and you’ll see how much more intuitive the BuddyBase registration form is.

Although somewhat plain out of the box, the BuddyBase theme is a clean and solid framework to build upon. Building and branding a BuddyPress community is much easier when you don’t have loads of unnecessary and confusing items to remove. The BuddyBase theme framework helps you get started on the right foot. Make a trip over to BuddyBoss today and view the BuddyBase demo. Make sure you’re subscribed to our blog, because we’ll always keep you up to date with the latest themes as they’re released.

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