Introducing BuddyPress Custom Posts and EventPress: A New Event Management Plugin

Introducing BuddyPress Custom Posts and EventPress: A New Event Management Plugin

As part of his Google Summer of Code project, Kunal Bhalla has produced two exciting new plugins for BuddyPress with John James Jacoby as his mentor. BuddyPress Custom Posts provides an API to create custom components in BuddyPress around custom post types in WordPress. He also created the new EventPress plugin which relies on on BuddyPress Custom Posts as the framework for event creation. Many users have been asking for a more robust events management solution for BuddyPress and EventPress aims to fill that need.

EventPress Features:

  • Allows for front-end event creation, including dropdown jQuery date selector, image upload, map, and custom field creation
  • Users can register for events and send invitations to other members
  • Each event has its own activity stream with RSS for users to subscribe
  • Events have their own tags and categories
  • Allows for the creation of custom registration forms
  • Registrations can be moderated for approval or set to be approved automatically
  • Set events to recur every day, week, month, year, hour, etc.

Each event is a post under the “Events” custom post type and can be created and edited in both the front-end and the WordPress dashboard. The Events tab is listed in the front end BuddyPress menu with the other components and individual events are listed in their own directory, each with its own featured image thumbnail. Members can view events that they are attending and any pending invites.

EventPress is still working through a few bugs but looks to be a very promising plugin. It utilizes BuddyPress Custom Posts, which allows registering a custom post type to get access to a basic front end editor along with complete activity integration among. The API is still under development but it’s an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to build a plugin that creates custom components in BuddyPress using custom post types. Download EventPress and let us know what you think about it.