Introducing BuddyPress Custom Posts and EventPress: A New Event Management Plugin

As part of his Google Summer of Code project, Kunal Bhalla has produced two exciting new plugins for BuddyPress with John James Jacoby as his mentor. BuddyPress Custom Posts provides an API to create custom components in BuddyPress around custom post types in WordPress. He also created the new EventPress plugin which relies on on BuddyPress Custom Posts as the framework for event creation. Many users have been asking for a more robust events management solution for BuddyPress and EventPress aims to fill that need.

EventPress Features:

  • Allows for front-end event creation, including dropdown jQuery date selector, image upload, map, and custom field creation
  • Users can register for events and send invitations to other members
  • Each event has its own activity stream with RSS for users to subscribe
  • Events have their own tags and categories
  • Allows for the creation of custom registration forms
  • Registrations can be moderated for approval or set to be approved automatically
  • Set events to recur every day, week, month, year, hour, etc.

Each event is a post under the “Events” custom post type and can be created and edited in both the front-end and the WordPress dashboard. The Events tab is listed in the front end BuddyPress menu with the other components and individual events are listed in their own directory, each with its own featured image thumbnail. Members can view events that they are attending and any pending invites.

EventPress is still working through a few bugs but looks to be a very promising plugin. It utilizes BuddyPress Custom Posts, which allows registering a custom post type to get access to a basic front end editor along with complete activity integration among. The API is still under development but it’s an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to build a plugin that creates custom components in BuddyPress using custom post types. Download EventPress and let us know what you think about it.

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  • The eventpress plugin looks very impressive. What do you expect the long-term support to be for it? Are GSOC projects a good thing to bet on?

    As a large organization, we need to look before we leap into something like this, but it’s got me pumped.

  • Flash Drive

    Carlos: You can not be 100% sure in the world of Open Source but the developer looks really motivated and is really on top of things.. I’m pretty sure he will be working on EventPress for quite some time, because it will no doubt become an extremely popular plugin for WordPress and BuddyPress sites. Worst case scenario is that he has not enough time to manage it, but I think others will contribute to it, or it might even become a “core plugin” in the future.. I will be using it for sure!

  • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Here is another great Event plugin that is fairly new to the scene, with PayPal included too. Tons of features and very carefully planned (duplicate event for example). I have used the PRO version and received quality support from Seth. There is a free version too.

    Check it out:

    Hope that helps. This plugin allowed me to accept a project I otherwise would have missed out on.

  • New Recruit

    I installed both plugins and I get this error when try go on my website.

    Warning: include(/) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such device in /home/wadhvani/public_html/wp-includes/template-loader.php on line 43

    Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘/’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/wadhvani/public_html/wp-includes/template-loader.php on line 43

    I deactivate Eventpress and website goes back to normal has anyone else got this errors.

  • New Recruit

    I just installed both plugins and tested them and I have to say that they’re soooo alpha…

    Found several bugs and troubles on the interface of the application. But, hey, I’m not trying to just “be negative” but I read a few comments before and in my opinion this plugin is not ready to be used on a live site.

    I’ll try Jet Event for BuddyPress and the other one that Scott said. I’ll tell you all later how they went :)

  • New Recruit


    Mmm let’s see, the map is not showing, there’s a button and a textarea that displays wrong (i.e.: no text on the button, etc.), a missing Event Name on the activity stream, an error while trying to upload a picture for the event, and so on…

    Now I just tryied Jet Events and it’s awesome!

    It looks so much more solid, and usable…

    Also you can upload avatars to the event and crop them (it’s a plus!!! ^_^) and link the event to a group!!

    Some examples:

    ¡I’ll definitely keep Jet Events :D

  • Hi Sarah — thanks for posting about EventPress/BPCP. Some part of the bugs you might have been experiencing is because of a relative URL issue caused by a name change from bp-custom-posts to buddypress-custom-posts (such as a completely unstyled and more or less useless create/edit page).

    I realized that when I tried installing from the plugin repository — is what that screen should be looking like, as opposed to the unstyled screens you probably got.

    I’ll be bumping up the version within this week(end?) to get this error sorted out. Hopefully that will cancel most of the bugs you experienced.

    @Juan EventPress definitely still needs a lot of polish, which will take me some time as I iterate upon each feature — the only drawback I saw in Jet Events was that it makes quite a few new tables on installing (I might be wrong); EventPress was designed specifically in a way to not add any custom tables to the database on install, relying on the defaults instead.

    @Carlos Until I get EventPress at that iteration where I’m satisfied with it, I’ll definitely be working on it. And that point’s far off in the future, as there’s loads of work left on both theplugins.

  • Flash Drive

    I think we’re all in a very good position as BuddyPress site owners.. We have an extremely full featured Event plugin from Kunal, and a very solid and easy to use Event plugin from “Jet”. I haven’t decided which one I’m going to use for my needs, but I’m always amazed how much time and effort is put in to making something for everyone of us to us.. for free! Especially Kunal his plugin could easily be sold for a lot of $ and I’m grateful that he’s given the chance to release it for free (go GsoC!).

    Great job Kunal :) too bad the CSS got borked during the upload, looking forward to an update!

  • Flash Drive

    Ow and Kunal I forgot to add one suggestion;

    I would really love to keep the WordPress Media Manager out of the front-end BuddyPress Event creation process (that’s a mouthful :D). Currently even I get lost in the uploading an avatar from the front end, and my users will no doubt smack their heads against the wall in pain :D It’s a great feature for the mods/admins in the backend, but I think the regular avatar upload/crop process in BuddyPress would be better for this.

  • Jet Event System

    The plugin is being developed not for an abstract social network. Its original purpose – to cover the needs of two social networks (sports and car). Participants testing and has been especially easy user input for new features and changes in existing (in terms of usability).

    As tables are created JES – three of them! (For all blogs). Since they occupy not only the development of plug-ins (previously worked in programming, and then as the architect of major IT systems planning and information technology systems) – can say: create tables do not provide how significant load on the database, as well as optimized (there is a way to go in this direction) queries – require resources (including time) much less than the set of plug-ins for BP and BP itself

    With regard to possible problems in the plugin – they are readily handled .. their appearance to a greater extent due to the need for a replacement BP Events (BP update is necessary and Events provide a system also need to ..). One of the latest problems – conflicts jQuery .. which would not arise under certain requirements to developers ..

    It is very important: the concept of JES – based on BP, but not WP ..

  • Hi,

    Can any one help me how can i work on this plugin?
    I created a event form back-end, if i click on Event tab form the front end it shows “Page cannot be displayed” Can any body tell why is it happening ?? i spent some 8 hours on this, but still its not working :( please help


  • @Shri:

    EP is not compatible with WP 3.3 & BP 1.5, sadly :(
    The developer now works at Facebook and is not allowed to develop a “competing” product in his sparetime. Sad but true :( Goodbye EP.

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