Introducing Snapshot: A Database Backup and Restore Solution for WordPress

Your WordPress site is your most valuable online possession, often the accumulation of years of posts, links, users, comments, media – your entire virtual presence. To maintain your site can be a labor of love, necessity or both, but sometimes the best-intentioned maintenance can result in a disastrous crash. Perhaps you screwed up your site with a bad plugin and you need a way to fix your messed up tables. Snapshot has your back.

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Backup and Restore with One Click

Snapshot is a new, easy-to-use plugin for creating quick snapshots of your database. It’s especially useful for testing and rolling out new functionality to your website. You can play with new plugin and/or theme settings with the full knowledge that you’ll be able to roll back your database tables.

If you’ve ever irreversibly screwed up your database while testing a new WordPress plugin, then you know how scary that can be.

Fret not! If you’re using Snapshot, you can always make a quick backup and restore point for your database before trying new plugins. It’s like your site’s own personal safety net, affording you the ability to try out new features and settings with confidence.

This plugin is not just quick and easy, it is also extremely versatile, allowing you to preserve posts, comments, taxonomies and as few or as many database tables as you like.

Then if you ever need to, restoring your content is as simple as clicking the “Restore” button.

Customizable restore points enable you to make notes about each snapshot as well, helping you to keep track of your backups. The backups currently go to a designated backup folder but we’re also adding in the ability to send your backup to a few of the most popular storage services, such as Amazon S3 and DropBox.

“I already have a service that does that for me.”

Certainly, you could pay a monthly or yearly fee for another backup service like BackupBuddy or VaultPress. Or you could become a WPMU DEV Member and get instant access to the Snapshot plugin and 300+ other exclusive WordPress plugins. From $35 per month, you get unlimited access to every theme, every plugin and unlimited support. It’s everything you need for a perfect WordPress and BuddyPress site. Become a member today and start protecting your most valuable online possession, your content!

Snapshot Pro has come a looong way and now includes 10GB of cloud storage. Try it now absolutely FREE!FIND OUT MORE