Introducing the free WPMU DEV Google +1 WordPress Plugin

Introducing the free WPMU DEV Google +1 WordPress Plugin

The Google +1 button is a brand new way for visitors to recommend your content. By clicking the button your visitor is telling the world “hey, this is great content” or “you should check this out.”

The new, free, Google +1 plugin from WPMU DEV lets you install the Google +1 button onto your site without the need for touching any code. Add Google +1 to your posts and your pages and show the world how awesome you are.


  • Readers can vote for posts and pages using Google +1
  • Google +1 widget
  • Unregistered visitors can vote
  • Custom post type support
  • 4 button sizes
  • Styling and shortcodes for further customization
  • Show or hide + 1 counts
  • Select language used

Getting Started

The Google +1 Plugin is easy to use. Just download the plugin, install and activate.

There is a settings page so you can display your Google +1 button however you want it.

Google + 1 Plugin Settings

We have shortcodes so you can insert it wherever you want it:

Google + 1 Plugin shortcodes

We have additional styling settings:

Google + 1 Plugin styling

And, what WordPress plugin would be without a widget?

Google +1 Widget

Check it out:


  1. If you install the + 1 button Google will crawl your site. Do not install it on sites that you want kept invisible to the public or behind a paywall.
  2. + 1 recommendations will not show up on mobile sites but users will still be able to see +1 button on your website. They may not be able to see recommendations but they can still vote!
  3. Google +1 recommendations show up for Google users who are logged in using

Check out the +1 button FAQ at Google for more info.

So go have some fun with the WPMU DEV Google +1 Plugin. You can download it from or directly from WPMU DEV. Install it, play with it and see where you want your +1 buttons to appear on your site.

Any comments, suggestions, problems or joy? Let us know in the comments!