Introducing the WordPress MU Site Admin Guide

Introducing the WordPress MU Site Admin Guide

While we were putting together WP.MU we realized that for a lot of people new to WordPress MU the ‘site admin’ functionality can be a bit confronting and also that there just isn’t enough (well, hardly any) documentation around for new users.

So, in partnership with Sue Waters (the Online Community Facilitator at Edublogs) we decided to do something about that and as a result, we give you this:


It’s available both as individual pages and as downloadable as a 32 page ebook, packed with illustrations and explanations and – we hope, everything you need to get started as a WordPress MU site Admin!

Here are the contents:

1. Introduction to being a site admin
2. Changing your site defaults
3. Your blog theme options
—3a. Changing what themes are available sitewide
—3b. Changing what themes are available on a per blog basis
4.Editing your site options
—4a. Standard site options
—4b. Premium site option
5. Site admin tools
6. Working with blogs
7. Working with usernames
8. Configuring Supporter (PayPal upgrades)
–8a. Plugins available for Supporters

Some configuration components are only available for WPMU DEV Premium or WP.MU users and this is noted where appropriate – but the vast majority of components are applicable to a core WordPress MU install.


And of course leave us any comments here with how we can improve / edit.