Introducing: WPMU DEV Custom Admin Text Change Lite….. Grab it for Free

Want to change text across your network all from the comfort of your own dashboard? WPMU DEV’s Custom Admin Text Change plugin lets you do that, without the need of a single hack!

Sometimes the words that come with WordPress aren’t quite right for your website and you need to change them. Perhaps you want to change the word “WordPress” to the name of your own network – Edublogs, for example. Or change the name of “posts” to “news” or “Howdy” to “Bonjour!”

It can be incredibly easy to achieve. But you don’t need to take my word for it. Check out our great video:

Custom Admin Text Change Lite is available now in the WordPress Plugin Directory or you can download it straight from WPMU DEV.

The plugin is a lite version of our Custom Admin Text Change plugin and has some restrictions on it. If you’re addicted to changing text you should check out our full version.

Table showing lite plugin resrticted to 4 changes