Introducing: WPMU DEV Google Maps Plugin

Google Maps has become an important tool for pretty much everyone these days. Who doesn’t check their directions before they head out on a journey? Or use the Smartphone app to navigate around town?

But embedding it in your website has never been a 100% simple matter, especially for people not comfortable working with code. WPMU DEV’s Google Maps Plugin makes it incredibly simply to embed a map in your website. You don’t even need to visit Google Maps to do it!


  • Simple Embed in your Posts and Pages with the “Add Map” icon in the visual editor
  • Full Mapping Widget
  • Advanced Settings
  • Compatible with WordPress, BuddyPress and MultiSite

The Google Maps icon appears in your visual editor:

Location of Google Maps Icon in Visual Editor

Click it and the map options will pop up:

Google Maps Popup Window

Insert all of your information, save the map and insert it into your post. A shortcode will appear:

Google Maps shortcode in visual editor

And here it is on your page:

Map with pin at Paris and directions

You can even get directions and use street view!

Of course, you need to be able to add your maps anywhere on your site so we’ve added a widget as well:

Google Maps widget

WPMU DEV Members can download our new Google Maps plugin straight away. Or if you’re not a member you can buy it for just $39.