Introducing WPMU DEV Multisite Hosting – Join the Beta Program!

Did you know that over the past 10 years we’ve become the largest hosting provider for WordPress in education? It’s been an extraordinary ride and today I’m thrilled to announce we’re expanding this to the rest of the web. Introducing WPMU DEV Hosting, the ultimate enterprise-level WordPress Multisite solution.

CampusPress… But For Everyone!

The very genesis of our parent company, Incsub, is rooted in WordPress Multisite. From the inception of Edublogs to the development of CampusPress (formerly Edublogs Campus) and WPMU DEV itself, we’ve solved problems and provided opportunities for WordPress Multisite users.

CampusPress, the original WordPress Multisite host.
CampusPress, the original WordPress Multisite host.

And along the way we’ve developed an infrastructure capable of deploying, managing, customizing and supporting Multisite like no other, so it really is an absolute no-brainer to bring it to you today and invite you to join our beta program.

We’re looking to roll out the service in full in early 2017, but in the interim we’d like to give WPMU DEV members the opportunity to find out more, take a free trial of the environment, and inform our final feature set.

Addressing Challenges of WordPress Multisite

Odds are, if you’re reading this you’ll be very aware of the challenges you face when setting up and managing a Multisite environment, but as a reminder here’s a brief introduction.

Scalability, Load, Traffic and Capacity

It’s incredibly hard to scale Multisite beyond a few hundred sites due to the demands placed on your hosting infrastructure and consequent limitations placed on the software by pretty much every WordPress host.

From the small matter of limited storage, bandwidth and inadequate (or non-existent) backups to simply coping with the demands of traffic, to the implications of replicated high load plugins and themes and the sheer amount of resources consumed by the platform… attempting to manage an even moderately successful Multisite environment can be an absolute nightmare.

Which is something we’ve completely resolved with over 3 million sites hosted on just Edublogs and over 1000 institutions managed by CampusPress, and which, along with unlimited bandwidth, storage and multilayered backups is one of the core aspects of this new service.

Complexity, Technical Expertise & Developers

If you’re not already a skilled WordPress developer and sysadmin, you’re going to struggle to do much with a Multisite setup on your own.

From scaling plugins to the challenges of compatibility, security, stability and customization, even a talented developer can struggle with not only deploying but then maintaining, upgrading and adding to a Multisite environment.

Essentially, to run your own successful Multisite network you need a team of developers and sysadmins.

Which stops being a problem when you have access to the entire WPMU DEV expert support, development and sysadmin team as literally no other company has longer or more combined experience in dealing with Multisite that we do.

Limitations, Support & Training

Due largely to what I outlined above, you’ll often find Multisite environments and hosts to be a highly locked-down experience with any number of plugins or themes excluded either by force or through the challenges inherent in running them at a Multisite level.

Along with not only the support required for your end users (be they clients, staff or users) but the complexity and challenges of running a site as a super admin.

Which, you guessed it, we’ve also managed to overcome through offering curated third party plugins and themes (like Divi and Woocommerce) along with providing custom git management so your technical team can commit and have reviewed any custom code.

Along with providing your own account manager, customized training program, 24/7 expert support and even – should you want it – support for all of your users.

Everything You Ever Wanted From a Multisite Host

So, having addressed the core challenges, now’s the time for the fun stuff that really sets us apart.

AWS, Geo-Located Infrastructure

Built on the back of Amazon Web Services, we have fine-tuned enterprise grade hosting for WordPress.

Additionally, we have infrastructure in the United States (Virginia), Australia (Sydney), Canada (Toronto) and the United Kingdom (Portsmouth), so you can select where you would like to be hosted.

No matter where you're located, we have the infrastructure to support you.
No matter where you’re located, we have the infrastructure to support you.

Security Monitoring

The biggest security challenges are usually caused by outdated and unpatched plugins and themes, along with the WordPress core software itself. Not anymore if you host with us. We’ll take care of every security update and patch as soon as they become available (if not before… We’ve reported a bunch of security issues in core and products in the past!)

Alongside optional CloudFlare protection for DDOS mitigation and increased site performance, and together with WP Defender-based automated logging, manual code inspections, and routine audits around our security practices.

Full 99.9% Service Level Agreement

We guarantee 99.9% uptime, which we'll keep an eye on for you but, of course, you can monitor yourself, too.
We guarantee 99.9% uptime, which we’ll keep an eye on for you but, of course, you can monitor yourself, too.

Nobody likes downtime, but we’re especially fanatical about it and most months you won’t see a minute of it as we aim to hit 100% uptime.

However, we will guarantee you a 99.9% uptime and availability Service Level Agreement, which you will be able to monitor through third party platforms or via our own internal tools.

Your Very Own Dedicated Account Manager

Making WordPress a better place, one Multisite install at a time.
Making WordPress a better place, one Multisite install at a time.

In addition to 24/7 support, you’ll also have a dedicated and experienced account manager who you can contact anytime for any reason.

This means you’ll have a direct number and email for a real person you can talk to for anything out of the ordinary, billing or any other inquiry.

Full WPMU DEV Product Suite (Plus Third Party Products!)

Of course, you'll have access to the full suite of WPMU DEV products and services.
Of course, you’ll have access to the full suite of WPMU DEV products and services.

As well as all WPMU DEV products, we will also install, configure and provide training in third party plugins like Divi, WooCommerce or Gravity Forms.

In fact, we’re pretty much plugin and theme agnostic when it comes to hosting – our main requirement is that it passes our security, reliability and stability testing (we manually review any and all custom code) – and are happy to investigate any and all submissions through our customized git system.

Custom Design and Development

Need help with custom design and development? We've got you covered.
Need help with custom design and development? We’ve got you covered.

We often aim to do this by expanding our existing offerings (which is great, because it means you’ll benefit from other client requests too!) but we’re happy to do custom work.

And lastly, in an entirely new direction for WPMU DEV, we’re also offering hosting clients the opportunity to engage with our team of talented designers and developers to put together themes, plugins, integrations and other custom features specific to your site.

Questions? Requests? Feedback?

Well, first up please feel free to head over to the WPMU DEV Hosting page where we have an FAQ section which will hopefully take care of a most of your queries.

And, if your question isn’t answered there and you’d like to speak to one of our sales specialists, then please feel free to use the form on the site.

You can also request a demo or a free trial on the site, too :)

But, as ever, we’re more than happy to answer all and any questions you might have in the comments below, so fire away!

James Farmer
We're excited to bring Multisite hosting to the masses! Got a question about how it will work or interested in joining the beta program? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • The Incredible Code Injector

    Very Very Exciting News.

    To think a year ago I wasn’t sure about renewing my suscription …… and now WPMUDEV is my partner of choice. Each product and service you bring out ties me in, which I am quite happy about, as I trust your brand and team.

    You have great support as well. Alex, Predrag, Kasia — I’m talking about you guys.

    Pricing would be useful, and tiny typo in the heading “Far More Then Regular Hosting”.

    Great news,

  • WP Unicorn

    Challenge Accepted!

    I have intentionally avoided getting into the plugin market or any other primary WPMU DEV markets as I obviously own a hosting company … but this is a game changer in so many ways!

    Now I have a clear conscience about getting into all those additional markets we previously avoided not limited to but including plugins, themes etc. etc.

    Joe :-)

  • The Exporter

    Funny. Just today I was analyzing what plugins are in Campuspress and realized that Upfront wasn’t there and some others but instead Divi. I wish you all the best and stay tuned. Each day it is more fun to work with you all guys here and I plus what Elliot already said

    “you have great support as well. Alex, Predrag, Kasia — I’m talking about you guys.” and I will add those not mentioned here too.

    Chock dee (Good Luck in Thai) to you all

  • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hey, was wondering if you guys are only going to do ‘enterprise’ level, or will move to also have smaller ‘business’ multisite managed hosting later in the year?

    I know other companies handle things at the lower end, but when it comes to things like plug-in conflicts (for multi-site that primarily use WMPU plugins, but several third party ones), they won’t be able to help nearly as much as you guys can.

  • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I’m with Daniel.

    I know you are targeting enterprise level users, and I am sold on your experience and value in this.

    But I can’t get to the point of having a $1k/month hosting expense until I can build from $100, so to speak.
    And I would love a small business range pricing to help me start out with managed Multisite hosting.

    Maybe you could consider an add on for your community members to give us access to say one or two sites with optional support (not dedicated)? Somehow give folks like Daniel and I a managed platform that gives us a little more than other hosting companies, but less than the $1k/month service package?

    • Hosting & Biz Dev

      Heya jeff67. I hear ya! There are so many quality managed hosts out there at the $100 per month level or less, and with our WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin installed, you’d have a similar experience to what you describe. But there is nobody offering similar services to what we are offering here that we really want to nail down first, and then who knows where we go from there :)

  • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Good call. A hosted solution would be great for a lot of people..or not. My experience with your hosted stuff hasn’t been great. For e.g. your Snapshot backups take hours to download for a few MBs. I had to switch to FTP to a 3rd party. I will not be jumping in this quick though I am happy with the recent price reduction after years of paying eye-ball bleeding license fees on something I had difficulty hosting myself. With persistence and struggle I finally got it all working after 4 years. To that end this could be a much better welcome for Companies and first timers to the awesome world of WPMUDevs.

  • The Exporter

    Hi James I had a talk with some people I thought might interest in such a service but they had concerns which I would like to name here.

    1. There is no server location in a country which has a strong privacy law
    – USA or companies located in USA are not eligible as they have to deal with NSA etc. Snwodon showed already what this means. And people are even much more concerned about their privacy since Donald Trump won the election.
    – UK is not eligible either since Brexit as it is only a question until they won’t be a member anymore of the EU with their strong and reliable privacy laws and then probably have the same discussions going on like now in Australia.
    – Australia is – sorry to say that – currently even worse then US if you followed the discussions about online privacy etc.

    In other words on all your locations there are real privacy concerns which have less to do with you than with the fact that the governments ruling on those locations are more or less on the way to strip away all rights for users and making them a more or less transparent citizen.

    I therefore would recommend to offer customers a secure location. This could be Singapore – which would be also much better to reach than Australia and Singapore has very strong copyright and privacy laws and for the huge group of European customers a Datacenter in Germany or i.e. Norway would be a great place. Germany is actually the best place to host websites as they have – I would say – the strongest privacy laws which also get in-forced and demanded to get in-forced by the Germans themselves. Major companies like Facebook, Google etc already had to cope with those strong laws.

    Another problem which came up is the following – Is there a way that a user who registered with the service can save all the sites data which gets stored on your service easily. i.e. Facebook provides a link and by clicking on that it is collecting all data all files of all pages and your profile and pack it into a zip file which you can download. It is often several GB big but that is one of the requirements for all websites which are publicly accessible in Germany and which store private data of customers.

    5. Principle of data avoidance and data economy:

    Through the use of data anonymization or pseudo-anonymization, every data processing system should achieve the goal to use no (or as little as possible) personally identifiable data.

    6. Principle of transparency:

    If personal data is collected, the responsible entity must inform the affected person of its identity and the purposes of the collection, processing or use (§ 4 III BDSG).

    I think it is pretty important to make clear where this service stands to customers i.e. Germany and EU as you intend to have not a single person signing up but i.e. schools and universities with probably hundreds of thousands of students and even minors!

    As great as this idea is – I really like it – there are concerns which actually also we as a small agency have to face and cope with during our daily work, to avoid being sued like it happened to Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others already!



  • The Exporter

    Here are some links to companies which provide super services worldwide but host especially in Germany because of those strong privacy laws in Germany. – Tutanota explaining why they are in Germany! – a very good explanations which brings the major problems and concerns to the actual point! – Servers located in Frankfurt/Germany – The German Goethe Institute explaining the laws.

    “For instance, many European countries now have data retention laws. In France and in the UK companies need to store their user’s data for a minimum of 12 months, and Swiss email providers need to store their users’ data for a minimum of six months.

    Only recently, also Germany introduced a data retention law that forces companies to store data for ten weeks. Fortunately, the German law does not affect Tutanota because email is explicitly excluded from the German data retention law. In addition, we are convinced that the law is against the German constitution. German Internet activists are already working on a constitutional complaint. They are fighting for the current law being declared unconstitutional – just like a previous German data retention law that was declared unconstitutional in 2010.”

    One reason why also we host in Germany too.

    Kind regards


  • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Holy S***, you guys are awesome! You finally addressed one of my biggest problems. Multisite has been a big no-no for me since no hosting company is specialised on it.

    Seems like I put my new web hosting for SMEs on your hosting. Initially I was afraid you use your own servers, but building it on top of AWS is awesome! To quote Mr. Trump: “I like it. Very tremendous solution!” ;-)

  • New Recruit

    It is amazing to me that I have been looking for “it” for at least 5 years, and trying manymany(∞) solutions as I grew my business and skills. I kept running into so many issues and honestly got really burned out on all the fancy-shmancy product landing page sales jargon out there from various companies and developers … which one way or another seemed to all end up on the same island of misfit plugins / widgets, etc.

    Now I think I have actually found it! This is it! So excited to try this out … and if there is still room on the list for the multisite beta group, please count me in!

    Thank you!

  • HummingBird

    Congratulations and best wishes for much success!

    We have experienced growing pains with the Tripawds blogs Network over the years – 1,000+ sites strong and growing at – and periodically been in the market for rock solid, scalable multisite hosting. All is good for now with our current server but I will be following along with interest as our needs continue to grow. When the time comes, we’d definitely want to learn more about any migration services offered for large networks with massive databases.

    Any reassurance you can provide that this endeavor will not go the way of or would be appreciated, though that may be best addressed in its own post by James—if you even care to open that can of worms.

    Thank you for the continued support, and for launching this new service!

    • Hosting & Biz Dev

      Heya jcnjr, fair questions about and – projects of ours from several years ago. The best answer to that is probably that WPMU DEV Hosting isn’t really all that new of a service from us. We currently host thousands of sites for schools and universities on our CampusPress service, and this is a natural extension – the same team, the same infrastructure, etc. And CampusPress has been going strong for nearly a decade and still growing fast!

    • Great question fella! So yeh, this isn’t my first go at Multisite hosting, as you quite correctly point out, but if anything it’s the product of the evolution of those two projects… being automated (nobody wants a style setup for the enterprise) and being our plugins and config on another host… essentially a ‘quick wpmu dev setup’.

      Both of them were geared towards a ‘simple’ way to get setup and run an MU site, something that while it had value (both were actually successful, just not sufficiently so) didn’t hit the mark in terms of the market and the level of customization / management / quality that we were hoping for… and, as Ronnie says, which we’ve developed with CampusPress.

  • The Crimson Coder

    This is fascinating James, you guys never cease to amaze me in staying ahead of my needs. I have huge needs in multisite. I have always had success driving huge traffic and had some delays with my current program, personal, nothing to do with my membership or hosting. Actually, my hosting is used to me driving 100s of millions a month so I don’t anticipate any issues however, I’m totally tied to you and your membership that has been nothing but outstanding for me.

    Is your hosting Linux? I need to have rooot, WHM and C-panel access, is that expected to be part of your hosting? My server farm is rooted in VPS (I changed from dedicated), I don’t like shared hosting, I’m a dangerous system admin, knowing enough to be scary. Fortunately, my son is a master system admin working for the government here in the USA, so he rescues me as needed.

    Are you providing dedicated or VPS servers? Will CampusPress or Edublogs be moved onto your host? Is it a challenge that I am in the USA. Do you have a price schedule yet?

    I know, I’m full of questions, sorry. Please consider me for a trial so I can study what you have because I’m married to multisite. Actually, I’ll be using pro sites, membership 2 pro and buddypress. I’m going to try to use upfront for the themes because I understand it’s part and parsel of pro sites but when it frist came out I had issues… I’m not sure what I didn’t like back when you first relesased it but I’m expecting it to work better now as I’m amazed at how quickly you correct or make your plugines easier and easier to use.

    You guys are dynamo, I’m a grandfathered member… sorry, you’ll have to put up with me for the long haul. ;-)

    Best regards –rick

    Thanks so much for what you guys do. Good luck with your hosting whether I can use it or not. –rick

  • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I’m very new to this “hosting” stuff, but I’m guessing that this is kind of overkill for my purposes. I’m trying to set up a hosting business to accommodate small niche sites that I plan to sell as part of sites for local businesses. Very small potatoes indeed. Even smaller than jeff67 but I’ll also keep reading however and when I get to the need for something this large, I’ll sign up.

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