iPhone + WordPress Ticketing App? Surely Only in Your Dreams….

iPhone + WordPress Ticketing App? Surely Only in Your Dreams….

Not so! Seth Shoultes, Event Espresso developer and recent winner of the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge (with $40,000 prize!) has just teased his new iPhone/Android apps, on ABC news, no less. Check it out:

And what does this ticketing app interface with? Event Espresso – a WordPress plugin! How awesome is that?!

I did a quick interview with Seth to find out a bit more:

How did it feel to win the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge?

I was totally amazed that we won. We had no idea that we would do so well. There were so many other great companies that did an amazing job. I really owe to my business partner Garth Koyle for writing an amazing business plan and putting together a presentation that completely blew away the judges.

What gave you the idea for the iPhone app?

I seen QR Codes popping up all over the place and there are all kinds of bar code and QR code scanners in the iPhone and Android app stores. So I thought to myself, why not put this on a customized ticket that our plugin users can use to easily check in attendees to their events. We have users that get hundreds of attendees and have to check them in one by one using spreadsheets. I also noticed that WordCamp organizers were doing the same thing. So I talked to our plugin users and WordCamp organizers to see if they would like to use something like this for their events. I also envision using this on printable badges that attendees can easily print at home. Or you could have a totally “green” event and scan attendees in from their phones.

How is development coming along with it?

We are pretty much done with development of the iPhone app. I am actually waiting for Apple to approve our application.

How difficult is it to get the iPhone app to interface with the
WordPress plugin?

It was pretty easy. I can’t go into too much detail, but we just used the XML-RPC publishing protocols that are built into WordPress. We then created a group of files that the app can access on your server. The files contain WordPress classes to interface with your database.

When is it launching?

Hopefully the first part of May 2011.

I’m really hoping to see loads more interfaces between WordPress plugins and smartphones in the future.

You can check out the full ABC segment here:

It’s great to see someone making such a success of their WordPress business.

Congratulations to Seth and his team!