Join Us as an Awesome WordPress Plugin Developer

Join Us as an Awesome WordPress Plugin Developer

Fancy working on the leading edge of WordPress plugin development in a full-time and ongoing capacity?

Doing what you love, with people who you’ll love to work with?

With ‘no more clients’™, working from wherever you want, and good compensation too (we’ll also pay for you to go to WordCamps and take you on our bi-annual staff holiday :).

Well then, you’ll be interested in joining us as a WordPress plugin developer!


It’s an awesome role, you’ll get to take on some of our core plugins, create your own from scratch and contribute to others based on what you are interested in. Our focus is that we want the right people to be happy with their work, taking charge of projects themselves and able to express themselves both in code and ideas. You do good work, we’ll do everything we can to make that as enjoyable an experience for you as possible.

Of course you are going to need to be a pretty self-motivated person, with the ability to independently drive new projects and constantly improve on existing work. You’re also going to need to be an awesome coder and have plugins you have written yourself to show us (if you don’t, go write one now just to illustrate that you can do it :). We’ve got high standards and we’ll expect you to exceed them… but we promise, it’ll be worth it.

Check out the role in more detail and submit your application here.

Any questions feel free to post ’em in the comments. Good luck!

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