Join WPMU DEV as Our New Marketing Manager!

Or: James Farmer, know your limits.

A long, long time ago, in a land far far away (precisely; 10 years in August, Fairfield) things were pretty different. I’d just paired up the domain and the brand new version of WordPress MU to create Edublogs and it felt like anything was possible.

I was the MySQL king! I could widgetize themes! I was marketing the heck out of it on my blog and there was literally nothing I couldn’t do!

Nowadays if I went near one of our servers I’d probably get tasered by a sysadmin. I had to remind one of our front-end people that I *did* know what a <br /> was (and it was deliberate, thanks) and marketing… Well I’m still trying, and it’s about time I stopped (not enough time + lack of talent + other pressing priorities = not an ideal person to be running your outreach).

Which is where you, or that person you know who is bloody amazing at marketing, comes in.

Here’s what we’re (well, I’m) looking for – A Hands On Awesome Digital Marketeer Who Can Make Me Look Rubbish

And here’s how you can make me look rubbish:

  • Have a lot of time and even more enthusiasm and commitment to promoting the heck out of WPMU DEV, and be prepared to make that your life’s goal for the next few years (full-time, ongoing, based either in Melbourne, Australia or work remotely, we’re flexible).
  • Be experienced, or ideally just super *good*, at designing and developing digital campaigns,  from remarketing to on-site opt-ins to partnerships to conversion funnels and more. Ideally you should go to sleep with analytics dashboards printed across your mind.
  • Never settle for “just OK.” You’ll have a team of writers, designers, developers and a not inconsiderable budget, and while we want you to be quick (really quick) your work should never be average.

And in return we’ll give you the best platform and opportunity you’ll ever see to further develop and showcase your talents. As well as very competitive $$$s and negotiable bonuses, naturally.

All we ask for, to get to the next stage, is a document put together addressing the above and attached to your application – there’s even a nice little space for it on the application form. Needless to say, if you don’t attach we won’t be able to consider or reply (it helps to weed out people who don’t actually bother to read this far or care that much).

Which isn’t you (or that person you know), right? Awesome. Let’s do it!

Find out more and apply here.

Or happy to answer questions in the comments too.


3 Responses

  • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi James
    I almost responded to this ad about 6 months ago, but when I saw the email today I felt moved to respond.

    I went to use the form to respond in the job application link and it took me about a dozen tries to use it before I finally took a more direct approach.

    THAT, in a nutshell is the overall problem with WPMUDEV from both a user, customer and marketing standpoint. Too many hoops. Simple, but hard to see.

    I’m going to be so bold as to add what I wrote here. I would rather it not get pubished, but it’s ok. I’m a customer, too.

    I’m doing this because I love you guys, not for a job.
    I’m a customer who loves your brand.

    Here’s what I wrote:


    Please read this, I’m writing to help solve your problem.

    First, I love WPMUDEV. You have great themes and plugins, and you always help me.

    I’m a real customer. I pay you (not much, but I do pay you).
    I want to pay you more. And you are the first place I go to for Solutions.

    But, your marketing kind of stinks.

    I love you guys, but your marketing, your message, your offer, and your presentation is confusing and fragmented. It’s a bunch of features.

    If it wasn’t for the overwhelming support, I would have abandoned WPMUDEV a long time ago.
    Instead of solving my problems, your marketing/presentation, and overall setup created new ones.

    Luckily, support fixed them for me. God bless User Aristad and the others.

    It’s not your fault. It just has all of the hallmarks of coders or technical people doing marketing.
    It’s normal, but you are right, you have to transcend it.

    The main problem is that Coders and technical people often think features ARE benefits.
    They are Not. It’s a common problem tech companies have.

    Sony is learning that painful lesson as we speak. Microsoft is only now beginning to come around.

    A good marketing manager will not ask what the plugin or knob, or blinking light does. They’ll ask what the customer needs and how the feature solves their problems.

    Simple. But even Sony, Microsoft and many others are failing at it.

    Apple knows it’s not how many buttons the thing has, it’s what they do to make a user’s life easier. “How can we not only make a plugin that kicks ass, but that the customer intuitively understands?” And that connects seamlessly with our other plugins and themes.

    Don’t sell me a plugin, sell me a solution. Make it easy for me to use.
    Then I will BUY it from you. Over and over and over.

    Your support is excellent, I use it daily.
    But that’s the only part of the whole marketing experience where I feel like you engage with my needs. You guys care enough to provide kick ass support.

    I spent 25 years in New York working for the Major Ad Agencies on fortune 500 companies. I’m also a designer, illustrator, copywriter. I have the chops to back up what I say, creatively, visually, verbally, strategically and tactically.

    In reality, You guys are good, but you could be great!

    To make WPMUDEV great, we have to solve problems. Simple.
    Solve customer’s problems in every facet of your business.

    Tighten the message, streamline the offer, reach new customers. Simple. Target. Satisfy.

    Make the products seamless and complete. Plug and play. Modular. Beautiful, Elegant. Simple to understand.

    Rule the world. You are halfway there. Become the Only place anybody goes for wordpress.
    If this resonates with you, I’d love to talk more.

    You seem like nice guys, and that is part of the wonderfulness of WPMUDEV. You deserve it!

    Either way, See you in the forum. I’m a customer for life. And next am going to buy more plugins for a membership site I am starting.

    [email protected].

  • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I’m sure a good marketing person would help WPMUDEV make some strides. But my main gripe and what I think you should focus on, is more complete documentation on installing and using your plugins. A lot of the installation and usage guides are very brief, incomplete and lacking in explanation of what each setting actually does, in my opinion. I can tell you for sure that marketing is great, but when customers get frustrated at not being able to make your products work, that will kill any good marketing. Again, I like what you promise, but so far all my plugins are still not working just right. It’s been half a year or more since I became a member, and if I can’t get them to work soon, it won’t matter what kind of marketing you do, I won’t be a customer any more. That’s not a threat, it’s just reality. I’d really like to see these plugins work, but if it’s too hard to figure out, I just won’t use them any more.

  • Dan
    New Recruit

    So many harsh words for so much content. You really sound like spoiled brats to me.
    If you guys had the slightest idea what it takes to come up with an idea and transform it
    into a viable product that makes it beyond the first three weeks, you wouldn’t talk like that.

    The guys at wpmudev have worked hard over the years to provide us with some
    awesome content. I recon everything isn’t perfect, but where else is it perfect ? Nowhere.
    In fact other companies even do much worse and repackage horse shit and sell it as caviar.
    Those companies pack and repack the same old shit, resting on their laurels after having landed some lucky shots, afraid to endanger their sacred reputation.
    As long as the (often exorbitant) fees keep on flowing, they manage.
    But when something suddenly goes wrong or something unexpected happens, they lose their balance and gloss and start to treat their customers like shit through lies, deception and
    more secret affiliate deals where nothing is left to luck.

    Do you realize how much it would cost you to benefit from so much amazing content
    if you had to find those needles in the haystack, wasting your time testing and reviewing
    tens of thousands of plugins and themes to find out at the end that 90% was crap
    anyways and that buying everything separately really does cost a bunch overtime ?
    Well let me tell you something :
    Most companies in the marketing business are full of lazy fucks who have only thing in mind: Grab all your money without being innovative and with the less efforts possible.
    Well, wpmudev is in that regard the complete opposite and has always been.
    Here you have innovative people who provide us with amazing products all year long,
    for very little money in comparison.

    Come on, let’s get serious here. Back in the days when i was just a microbe myself,
    i one day stumbled upon the wpmudev’s homepage and immediately felt the
    energy coming out of that project and immediately thought :

    “wow, those guys are awesome…”
    And guess what. They are still great today.

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