Jump Start Your BuddyPress Groups with Twitter, Forums, and Groupblogs

Jump Start Your BuddyPress Groups with Twitter, Forums, and Groupblogs

Nobody likes having to sign in to a dozen social network sites just to get the same piece of information out there. If you’re operating a public or private group on BuddyPress, there are now some excellent tools available for getting groups to interact seamlessly with other social networks as well as for streamlining information across blogs and forums. Your BuddyPress networking site will increase in value the more convenient users find it to be for broadcasting information and interacting with each other. Applications that aggregate social networking functions are gaining popularity as users join more and more networks. Check out some of the newest capabilities BuddyPress has for accomplishing a more streamlined approach to interaction.

BuddyPress Group Twitter

This is a brand new plugin, designed to bring twitter streams into BuddyPress group profiles. It’s simple to install. Download, activate, add your twitter username, and start tracking your tweets. If your group wants to track multiple tweeters, this plugin can aggregate the tweets and display them all.



BuddyPress Groupblog

Your groups have something to say! If you want more interaction on your BuddyPress network, give your groups the opportunity to blog. Blog roles assigned to each user will match group roles assigned by the group admin, who also has the option to select one of his/her existing blogs.



BuddyPress Groups for bbPress

bbpressDon’t worry about bbPress. It isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This plugin allows BuddyPress group members to carry on discussions in an integrated bbPress installation. Discussions initiated by a BuddyPress group will inherit the group’s public, private, or hidden settings. Only members of the group will be able to see threads posted by the groups and participate in them. Public groups are read-only to anyone who is not a member.