Keep Them Clicking: How To Increase Your Site’s User Interaction With Cubepoints For Buddypress

Keep Them Clicking: How To Increase Your Site’s User Interaction With Cubepoints For Buddypress

BuddyPress now has its own point system with the help of the CubePoints BuddyPress Integration plugin. It is similar to the Achievements plugin we reviewed earlier this year but slightly different in that it offers a point system with associated ranks, all of which can be customized for your site through the dashboard. The user’s points are then displayed on his profile, along with his rank. I tested it with single user WordPress and BP 1.2.3 and it works great. It has also been reported to work with WPMU.

You will first need to install the CubePoints WordPress plugin and then add the CubePoints BuddyPress Integration plugin.

So far the plugin will give or take away points for the following activities:

  • Group Creation
  • Group Deletion
  • Updates/Replies
  • If a user deletes their own update/reply
  • Friend Request
  • Friend Request Accepted
  • Friend Deleted
  • New Group Forum Topic
  • Group Forum Post
  • Uploading Avatar
  • Sending a Message

CubePoints BuddyPress Integration also interfaces with several other BuddyPress plugins to award points to users based on related activities – BuddyPress Links, BuddyPress Gifts, and BP Gallery. For example, if you want to reward users for giving gifts with the Gifts plugin, you can give them points. Or, if you want to charge them points for using it, you can enter a negative number in the CubePoints settings for that plugin. This requires your users to be more active in order to be able to send gifts.

Additional modules are also available to extend CubePoints, ie. a module that permits users to buy points via paypal. A shopping cart module is also in the works that will allow users to redeem points in a store on your site. If you want to find out all that this plugin is capable of doing, I would definitely recommend installing it and playing around. There are far more configuration options available than I can cover in this blog.

Unique Community Uses for BuddyPress and CubePoints

Because the admin user can manually update points for any user, this plugin gives you the ability to offer a points sweepstakes where the winner will receive a certain number of points. You can also create contests or challenges among your users which will get them interacting more regularly with the site. Once additional modules are available for a store integration, you’ll be able to offer tangible incentives, which can be more motivating than simply being recognized on the site. CubePoints has a lot of exciting possibilities because it was written to be ready to work with other plugins and systems. For more information, check out the CubePoints site as well as the documentation for extending the plugin.