Knock, knock, knocking on 2.7.1…

Knock, knock, knocking on 2.7.1…

It’s generally been our policy to avoid upgrades (just apply patches) until we hit .1 of a WPMU release.

For example, seasoned veterans would remember that 2.5.1 or 2.6.1 (or 2) were serious improvements on their .0 counterparts – and when you’ve got tens of thousands of feisty bloggers on your doorstep, you wanna give them the best that you can!

However… 2.7.0, despite frequent trac updates, seems to have got bogged down in the mud and despite WP 2.7.1 being a couple of months old, there’s still no sign of our much beloved WPMU counterpart :(

Could it be that the decision to build in a new plugin commander-esque feature to accommodate BuddyPress has pushed WPMU into a BP style quagmire (2 years and still no 1.0) or has our much anticipated .1 been delayed in favor of a .8.

Who’s to know? Can anyone shed any light on the likelihood or timeline of 2.7.1? Are we the only people who really care (or is the rest of the world like this too)?