Last chance to get in the draw for 5 free annual licenses worth $419 each!!!

So… September was a bit of fun wasn’t it :)

We’re hopeful that as a result of the run in you now have access to even more great plugins and themes that can help you make money, support your users, build great sites and take WPMU to the next level!

And, what better than a free annual subscription to WPMU DEV Premium to help you with that.

We’ve decided, to give everyone a chance to enter, to do the draw for the prizes on Monday October 12th… and we’ve also decided to allow users who are not current or past WPMU DEV Premium members to participate!

To get place into the draw, all you have to do is:

1. Write a post on your blog or forum about what WPMU DEV Plugins or Themes you use… or would like to use (making sure you link to them)

2. Pingback to (or manually post the link as a comment) onto this post

3. Make sure you are subscribed to by RSS, email or Twitter to hear the results… and claim your prize!

Easy huh… make sure you enter :)