Latest global posts, comments, blogs and users – as widgets

Latest global posts, comments, blogs and users – as widgets

Happy April guys, and we trust you’re gonna like what we have for you to kick the month off.

We’ve gone widget wild over at WPMU DEV Premium and have a stack of the little buggers which will make your life easier, more community focused and generally – we hope – better!

All of these widgets are based around front page usage, they allow you to profile whats going on across your site, give some attention to your much loved users and get that active / community feeling going on.

Recent global posts – In conjunction with our post indexer plugin this allows you to simply show latest posts from across your entire site.

Recent global comments – Same as with the posts, ever comment on every post from every blog – all in one place.

Users widget – Profile your users in an extremely cool way!

Most recent updated blogs widget – A new take on an old function, profile your most recently updated blogs via a widget with lots of configurable funnness thrown in.

Personally I’m dead chuffed with these and reckon that they’ll be a lot of use to a lot of people – we hope you enjoy them and let us know what you think, any bugs you find, enhancements you’d like to see etc. etc.

Oh, and, as with all WPMU DEV Premium Plugins as of now, they are licensed under the GPL. Enjoy!