Like Board Games? Like WordPress? How about BoardPress?

Like Board Games? Like WordPress? How about BoardPress?

I love board games. Although I rarely get the chance to play them because my husband is a stinking cheat and a bad loser. But I was pretty intrigued when I caught this post over on Weblog Tools Collection about the forthcoming BoardPress.

Yes, you may look confused.

BoardPress is a new board game that lets you take on the role of a web developer setting up a new blog.

Oh, wait…. that’s just life, right?

boardpress board game

From the announcement page at WordCamp Indonesia:

“WordPress Board Game can be played by 2-4 players with playing time up to 45 minutes. In the game, each player takes a role as a web developer who works on a team to set a new blog by implementing the WordPress engine. Each player need to set the optimal combination of plugins. It sounds easy, right? But there are some elements on the game that will make that simple task much more challenging. There are 3 dices that represent the request from the boss that the player must obey – some time those will destroy all the work. When to cooperate and when to compete is another challenge that each player need to solve.”

I’m surprisingly excited about this, if only because recently I got addicted to Game Dev Story on the iPhone and played it for 8 hours straight (all I could think about for days was getting the next game out… it took over my life). Seriously, you may think that since you spend all day developing you don’t want to do it in your leisure time as well but a game about development can be very, very engrossing.

That said, it might be difficult to compete against such wonderful games as Risk and Cranium and I fear that, after a few games, BoardPress might end up along with the Twin Peaks board game at the bottom of our cupboard.

To sign up for updates visit the BoardPress website.