Like WordPress 3.2’s Distraction-Free Editor? You’re Going to Love Artsy Editor!

Like WordPress 3.2’s Distraction-Free Editor? You’re Going to Love Artsy Editor!

WordPress 3.2 was released on the 4th of July, sporting its new fancy distraction-free editor for composing in full-screen mode.

If you’re a fan of the new editor, then you’re bound to love the new Artsy Editor, created by Stephen Ou. It’s a premium editor with an even simpler UI than WP’s distraction-free editor. One of the most exciting features of Artsy Editor is the convenient image management. It lets you drag-and-drop images, Photoshop-style resize images, customize the interface, and much more.

Check out a screenshot of Artsy Editor in action:

Artsy Editor gives you a clean and customizable writing environment where inspiration can flow freely. No need to stare at the messy WordPress dashboard while trying to compose your thoughts. Take your words outside of the box without sacrificing all of the important features of the regular editor.

What’s the difference between Artsy Editor and WordPress 3.2’s Distraction-Free editor?

WordPress 3.2 has a basic implementation of a distraction-free writing environment. However, the Artsy Editor speeds up composition with drag-and-drop images. Once dropped anywhere into the editor, they will be automatically uploaded and inserted to the post. Images can be quickly resized by dragging the handle to any dimension you want. Additionally, the Artsy Editor gives you the ability to change the color and font, add links without the overlay, etc. Check out a full side-by-side comparison of the differences between Artsy Editor vs. WordPress Distraction Free Editor for more information.

Try out a live demo of Artsy Editor and see if you’re not convinced. Readers Receive a 20% Discount on Artsy Editor!

The creator of Artsy Editor was kind enough to add a discount code for our readers. Enter WPMU20 when ordering Artsy Editor and you’ll receive a 20% discount on any of their three packages!

Visit the Artsy Editor site and take advantage of the discount code today. Play around with Artsy Editor for a few minutes and you’re sure to fall in love.