Live WPMU DEV Help & Support… now double the amount of sessions!

Did you know that WPMU DEV members get access to live wordpress chat help and support.

Well, if you didn’t before, you do now :)

And, if you did know before… we’ve just ramped it up! With 9 sessions a week on every day except Saturday… in fact, you can catch me in about 12 minutes time to chat about sales, strategy, marketing, ideas and application!

Go here to find out more.

  • Monday – Strategy, Sales, Ideas and Application with James (our CEO, founder of Edublogs) – 7PM EST
  • Tuesday – WordPress and BuddyPress for Beginners with Mason (Sales & Support Dude) – 10AM EST
  • Tuesday – Plugins and Code with Aaron (our CTO) – 3PM EST
  • Wednesday – Themes and Design with Tammie (core designer) – 10AM EST
  • Thursday – WordPress and BuddyPress for Beginners with Sarah (lead writer, – 10AM EST
  • Friday – Plugins and Code with Barry (lead developer) – 10AM EST
  • Friday – WordPress and BuddyPress for Beginners with Siobhan (key writer, – 4PM EST
  • Friday – Themes and Design with Richard (core designer) – 9PM EST
  • Sunday – Plugins and Code with with Mohanjith (key developer) – 9AM EST

We’ll update this page when / if these times change or are added to.