Looking for WordPress Hosting? Check out WPShout’s Hosting Review

Way back in March, Alex at WP Shout was asking for WordPress users to review their hosting provider. He received 252 responses and has posted a breakdown of hosting providers that received more than three reviews. 252 responses is pretty good for a survey like this and it’s resulted in a useful resource that you can use to help you make a decision on your WordPress hosting. I wish I’d know about it when I went through three different hosting providers earlier this year.

A screenshot of the godaddy results telling you to avoid them
The unsurprising results for Godaddy

Here’s a brief breakdown of the results. You should definitely check out the post on WPShout though, which gives a whole lot more detail than I have here.




Who do you host with? Is your favourite hosting provider on there? Do you think WPShout has got it right or got it wrong?