Make a WordPress Post Stick to the Top of a Category [Plugin]

The sticky post function in WordPress is very handy. You can make a post stay at the top of your homepage for as long as you like.

For many, however, it would also make sense to make the post a sticky at the top of its category page as well as the homepage. I know I’ve had this issue myself. The workaround was to go in every day and update the date on the post so that it would appear to be the most recently published post in that category.

But there’s an easier way. The Category Sticky Posts plugin takes care of this for you. It adds a meta box to the bottom of your write/edit page that lets you set the post to be a sticky at the top of any category.

(Note: You don’t need to set the post to be a sticky at the top of its original category. It can be ANY category. You can also choose multiple categories.)