How to Make Money With WordPress: The WPMU Guide to Getting Paid

How to Make Money With WordPress: The WPMU Guide to Getting Paid

It’s a safe bet that just about all of us are trying to make money with WordPress.

Different strategies you can use to make money with WordPressI might be wrong, but I’d guess that 90 percent of the WordPress users who read this blog have commercial ambitions of one kind or another. While WordPress is nothing more than a passionate hobby for a lot of folk, surely we all have some inner desire to turn that passion into profit. There’s no shame in trying to make a bit of cash doing something you love.

The good news is that you can make money with WordPress in a number of different ways, many of which don’t require you to become a hardcore PHP developer or award-winning graphic designer (although these attributes will certainly help).

Whether you aspire to become a full time WordPress professional, or simply make a few bucks on the side to subsidize your coffee habit, your options are plentiful.

Legitimate ways of making money with WordPress generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Monetizing your WordPress blog and earning revenue directly from your own site, through selling products, advertising, affiliate links, paid memberships and so on.
  • Developing commercial plugins and themes, which you can then sell to other WordPress users, either from your own site or a commercial theme marketplace like Themeforest.
  • Selling professional WordPress services, usually on a freelance basis. If you have skill and expertise in a particular area of WordPress, you can contract yourself out to help other people with their projects.

How to make money with WordPress: Some wisdom from the WPMU archives

As you might have noticed, making money with WordPress is a topic that we’ve covered in great detail here at WPMU. Over the past few years, we’ve amassed a nice collection of blog posts that share tips and advice for earning cash with the world’s favorite CMS. So let’s take a little browse through the archives and see what we can dig up.

Different ways you can make money with WordPress
Earn money with WordPress, you can

Smarter Ways to Earn Money With Your WordPress Blog

This was one of the earlier posts that I wrote here at WPMU. In this article I discuss three different ways you can make money with WordPress, without displaying advertising on your site. The three strategies explored are premium content, classifieds directories and paid multisite networks.

Building Your Own Freelance Business Around WordPress

This is a great article from last year that deals with the nuts and bolts of starting a WordPress-based business. Topics covered here include discovering a profitable niche, finding clients, building a reputation and managing your business. Highly recommended reading for anyone who’s trying to make money with WordPress as a freelance professional.

The original article was followed up with a series of interviews with WordPress professionals: The Plugin Developer, The Author/Designer and The Consultant.

Making money with WordPress MU – the Edublogs story (so far)

As you might know, WPMU is owned and run by the same crew responsible for Edublogs, one of the most successful WordPress Multisite ventures on the web (second only to This article tells the story of how Edublogs became the profitable enterprise that it is today. It’s a long piece, but well worth reading if you’re trying to create your own commercial Multisite network. The original article was followed up with a sequel: Making Money with WordPress MU – Part Deux.

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Money with Your WordPress Multisite Network

Another great resource that focuses specifically on monetizing a WordPress Multisite network. This blog started out as a very Multisite-focused publication, and these are the tried and true strategies that we’ve seen used on numerous successful projects.

How to Sell an eBook From Your WordPress Blog

If you’re trying to make money with WordPress by selling eBooks and digital products, this article has some practical advice to help you get started.

3 More Money-Spinners For Your Established WordPress Blog

A solid overview of your options for making money with WordPress. This article deals with three broad categories of monetization: Creating a product, providing a service, and affiliate marketing. If you’re new to the whole game and trying to figure out your best option for making money with WordPress, this is well worth a read.

Over to you – How do you make money with WordPress? Whether you’re earning a few bucks or a few thousand, leave a comment and tell us about the strategies that work for you.

Photos: Andres Reuda and Carsten Schertzer.