Make Your Identity Interactive With Video Avatars for Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress

Make Your Identity Interactive With Video Avatars for Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress

An exciting new service called Vanityvid is adding a new layer of interaction to social websites. The Vanityvid plugin turns avatars or profile pics into videos on your WordPress site. Wherever your avatar shows, your Vanityvid will be attached to it. This also includes other WordPress sites that have installed the plugin as well as Facebook and Twitter and any widgets that display avatars from these services. In order to see the video avatars on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll need to install the add-on for Firefox or Chrome.

Check out a demo at the Vanityvid website or have a look at their video gallery page.

Is Vanityvid compatible with BuddyPress avatars?

Yes it is!No modifications are necessary. Here’s what it looks like with the default BuddyPress theme on the member’s page:

How can I create a Vanityvid avatar?

Check out how easy it is to create a video avatar and have it hooked up to your account:

If you plan on adding the plugin to your site, the easiest way to add a video avatar is to install and activate the plugin. Then go to Settings >> Vanityvid and upload your video or record it through your webcam. Confirm your email address and you’re done! Any of your users who are also using the service will display video avatars as well. Check out the simple administration screen:

The Vanityvid plugin is a fun addition to any WordPress or BuddyPress site that is purely a social network with everything geared toward increasing user interaction. Video avatars are another way that users can share a bit more about themselves and add a personal greeting. The plugin enables you to offer video avatars without having to host them yourself or handle all the privacy issues, since it’s managed by a 3rd party. Download the Vanityvid WordPress plugin and bring your profile pictures to life!