MarketPress 2.5 Released with 18 Exciting New Features

MarketPressWe’re excited to announce the latest release of MarketPress. Our developers have been working hard to meet feature requests from our users and this time around we were able to add in a whopping 18 new features!

MarketPress has come a loooong way and now you can try MarketPress, our 100+ premium plugins and all our services absolutely FREE!FIND OUT MORE

You’ll be hearing more from us in the coming days about how to get going with all of the new additions but for now here is a quick overview of MarketPress 2.5:

New Import/Export features:

  • Added a full CSV product importer!
  • Added orders exporting as CSV by year and month

You’re now able to import products from any other shopping cart that can give you a CSV output. This is exciting news for those of you who have been waiting to switch to MarketPress until the CSV import was ready. You also now have the ability to export orders as a CSV for accounting or use within other applications.

Tons of New Shipping Modules:

  • New weight based shipping module
  • New support for calculated shipping modules
  • New USPS calculated shipping module

You asked for it and now it’s here – many new ways to calculate shipping. Selling physical products with MarketPress is now better than ever.

New Store Organization and Logging features:

  • New order statistics dashboard widget
  • Added store info to right now widget
  • New Log entry for Cubpoints gateway checkouts
  • Added “Only show on store pages” option to all widgets
  • New setting to disable excerpts in product lists
  • New setting to hide Product Image on single pages

Users of MarketPress will be glad to know that you can now easily keep track of order stats in your dashboard. New settings give you a more flexible way to display the shopping cart and product listing pages.

Support for new Payment Gateways:

  • Add Stripe payment gateway! Accept credit cards directly on your site with full PCI compliance
  • Add custom API url support to gateway for compatibility with many 3rd party gateways
  • Add beta PayPal Payflow Pro gateway
  • Add beta iDEAL gateway (ING bank only)

New gateways are one of the most exciting aspects of this release. MarketPress now fully supports the brand new developer-friendly Stripe gateway, as well as custom API url support for This release also debuts the beta PayPal Payflow Pro gateway and iDEAL. If you’ve been waiting for these gateways, now is the time to jump in!

Special tax rates and integrations:

  • Add per product special tax rates
  • Add Pro Sites level recognition for multisite


Besides all the new features, MarketPress version 2.5 is also the culmination of a dozen improvements and bug fixes, making it smoother and more flexible than ever. Our development is guided by our user base and we’re happy to deliver all of these new features at your request. Download the latest version or upgrade to start taking advantage of everything this major release has to offer.

MarketPress has come a loooong way and now you can try MarketPress, our 100+ premium plugins and all our services absolutely FREE!FIND OUT MORE