MarketPress 2.8 Brings UPS Shipping Support and a Major Design Refresh

This week we’re excited to announce another major release of MarketPress.

Version 2.8 is a massive update with some brand new features that we think you’re going to love. Most notably, MarketPress now supports UPS shipping.

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UPS Shipping Now Available

You can offer UPS shipping by selecting ‘UPS’ under “Calculated Options” within the shipping settings. This will allow you to display standard UPS shipping prices based on box weight and dimenstions.

You’ll need a UPS Developer Kit access key and the UPS user ID and password associated with the access key in order to use this shipping method. These are all free and easy to set up and test with sandbox mode before turning on the switch in MarketPress.

Improved Product Display With Built-In Grid Views

The ability to display products in a nice, sortable grid is now built into MarketPress. Grid views have been one of the most requested design features. Previously, you had to use a theme or plugin to achieve the grid display. Not anymore! MarketPress now makes it super easy and the grid view is available as one of the default display options.

Improved Product Sorting

Products can now be filtered by category. We’ve also added an AJAX dropdown to order products by release date, name, price or popularity.

Design Refresh

The overall store CSS has also gotten quite a bit of love and you’ll notice a major refresh of all the CSS styles throughout the store pages.

Quickly Duplicate Products in the Dashboard

One of the most useful new features in this release is the ability to easily copy an existing product. When viewing the product listing page in the dashboard, you can now hover over any product and click copy to instantly duplicate it. This is very useful if you have similar products where you only need to change a few details.

MarketPress 2.8 is packed full of new features that will make building beautiful stores much faster in the future:

  • New UPS Shipping plugin
  • Added built in grid views!
  • New AJAX dropdown category and order filters added to listings pages
  • Optional breadcrumbs to checkout process steps
  • Added default product images
  • Added ability to trash/delete orders and adjusts stock counts accordingly
  • Featured image import support now included in the CSV importer
  • New “clone product” functionality
  • New hooks for custom shipping methods and tracking links
  • Major refresh of CSS styles

Along with all the new features, this release also includes many bug fixes, additions to make MarketPress more extensible and improvements for a smoother store management experience.

WPMU DEV members can upgrade to MarketPress 2.8 immediately to take advantage of all the new features. If UPS shipping is what you’ve been waiting for, there’s never been a better time to start selling online. Join WPMU DEV today to get access to MarketPress, spectacular support and 100+ amazing WordPress plugins.

Did you know now you can try MarketPress, our 100+ premium plugins and our other services absolutely FREE?!FIND OUT MORE