MarketPress Gets a New Manual Payment Gateway in Preparation for 2.0

MarketPress – WordPress eCommerce from WPMU DEV has just been updated. As well as some minor bug fixes we’ve now included manual payment gateways. This means that your customers can now pay you using methods such as cash, check and EFTs.

To set up your new manual payment gateway, go to the MarketPress settings in your dashboard:

  • Single Site – Products > Store Settings > Payments
  • Multsite – Network Admin > Settings > MarketPress

Here you can decide which payment method(s) you want to accept:

Marketpress payment settingsAnd then you can give your customers detailed instructions about how they can get that all-important money to you:

Another Major Update on the Horizon?

Of course, MarketPress is one of our core plugins so it’s always being developed and updated. We’ve got a big update on the way – MarketPress 2.0. Here’s a sneak preview of what to expect in MarketPress 2.0:

  • Global Carts (think Etsy)
  • Main Site Checkout  (also think Etsy)
  • Product Options
  • Downloadable Products
  • Even more surprises!

Our members have been clamouring to sell digital products so it’ll be wonderful when we’re able to provide that functionality.

Watch this space for more MarketPress information later in the year.

WPMU DEV Members can download it any time and non-members can get their hands on it for only $39!