MarketPress Gets New Payment Gateways, CubePoints Integration and More Checkout Features

MarketPress Gets New Payment Gateways, CubePoints Integration and More Checkout Features

MarketPress E-Commerce for WordPress has taken a huge leap forward with the latest 2.2 release. We have two new gateways on board and tons of new features that will keep your store running like a well-oiled machine.

MarketPress Updates:

  • New CubePoints gateway
  • New eWay Shared Payments gateway
  • Added Tax inclusive pricing option
  • Added tracking number field to shipping section of Order management
  • Added notes field to the order management page
  • Added special instructions field option for orders that require personalization
  • Added Skip shipping checkout page for digital only orders
  • Improved dropdown product category widget
  • Improved tax calculation for some countries
  • Improved order payment status change to paid
  • Improved global products paging

All of these new checkout features will make your user’s shopping experience as smooth as butter.

CubePoints Integration:

The new CubePoints gateway requires the CubePoints plugin, which offers your community members the opportunity to earn points by interacting on your website. This new gateway allows users to buy products through MarketPress using their accumulated Cubepoints.

Setting up the Cubepoints gateway is actually much easier than setting up any other gateway – simply click enable and you’re good to go! You’ll also have the option to rename it to something other than “Cubepoints” and enter any user instructions and customized confirmation messages.

Users will see their total points at checkout:

You can enable more than one gateway so that if you’re using Cubepoints you can also have a regular payment method for users who don’t have enough points to complete the checkout.

Adding the possibility for users to make purchases with points could be a huge addition for boosting interaction on your BuddyPress site. This new feature could be just what you need to start driving more repeat traffic to your website. Users love the possibility of earning points with the added benefit of being able to redeem them for actual and/or virtual store items.

Download the latest version of MarketPress to take advantage of all the new features!