Free Global Product Search Widget For MarketPress

Free Global Product Search Widget For MarketPress

MP Product Search Widget
We’ve got some great community members at WPMU DEV who are building awesome extensions to our products. The very latest is a free plugin from that provides a beautiful interface for searching and sorting products across a network of stores.

Solid multisite compatibility is one of the reasons that MarketPress is so popular. There is no better WordPress e-commerce plugin for operating multiple stores with one global shopping cart. This new extension compliments MarketPress’ built-in multisite capabilities.

The MP Product Search Widget plugin features:

  • Advanced Product Search Options – narrow down the search through different parameters, such as category, tag, and price range.
  • Compatible with Multisite for Global Searches – allow customers to make global product searches across your MarketPress network – just like does it.
  • Built to Impress – display all the search results in a nice, beautiful modal view, together with product thumbnail, price, and ‘buy now’ button for each item.
  • Advanced Sorting Options – allow your customers to sort the search results based on different parameters, such as release date, title, price, sales.
  • Powered by AJAX – perform high-level search queries without crashing the server.
Product search results load in a modal window

Multisite Compatible: Global Product Search Widget

Global product search widget options
The MP Product Search Widget plugin also includes a separate widget for multisite installations that gives users the ability to search the network. This functions in a similar way to searches across multiple stores.

Configuration options are the same as the single store search widget. The only difference is that it searches all stores.

Options for the widget include:

  • Show or hide category filter
  • Limit to custom categories
  • Show or hide tag filter
  • Limit to custom tags
  • Show/hide price range
  • Choose from 7 different color skins
  • Limit visibility to store pages only

Want to try out a live demo of the search to see how it works? Check out the search widget on any of these themes:

Live Demo: FlexMarket | PRO | GridMarket | SimpleMarket | Twenty Twelve

Download MP Product Search Widget for Free

There are a couple of different avenues for downloading the plugin – either way it’s free. The first option is to visit and create an account. Then you can proceed to the user dashboard to download the plugin. The plugin is also available at github if you want to grab the zip file directly. Many thanks to the folks at for making this plugin available for free.