MarketPress Now Supports Stripe: A Killer New Payment Gateway

MarketPress Now Supports Stripe: A Killer New Payment Gateway

Stripe is the hottest new payment gateway for online payment processing. It was created by developers for developers and is currently the fastest way to start selling online right now.

MarketPress + Stripe

That’s why we made it a high priority to make sure that MarketPress 2.5 supports Stripe for payments. It’s one of the few WordPress shopping carts ready now to process payments using this new gateway. With MarketPress + Stripe you can accept credit cards on your site with full PCI compliance.

No Merchant Account Required:

One of the best things about Stripe is that you don’t need a merchant account or gateway to use it. If any of you have ever applied for a merchant account or gateway, then you how much red tape and paperwork can be involved. If you want to start selling online and taking payments right away, I strongly urge you to consider Stripe. It’s an online store owner’s dream come true.

Stripe handles everything you need related to selling online, including storing sensitive card information, subscriptions, and direct payouts to your bank account. All you have to do is sell your products.

How is Stripe different from PayPal?

Many PayPal users have become disenchanted by the general inconvenience and suffocating fees. Stripe is different in that it charges 2.9% + 30 cents per successful charge. You will only be charged when you make money.

Advantages of Using Stripe to Process Payments:

  • No monthly or setup fees
  • No validation fees and no card storage fees
  • No charge for failed payments
  • You don’t need a merchant account or gateway
  • American Express is charged at the same rate as any other cards
  • No surcharge for business or international cards

MarketPressWith Stripe you will have no hidden costs. Right now MarketPress is one of the few WordPress shopping carts to support processing payments with Stripe. Of course, if you’re happy with your current option, MarketPress 2.5 supports many other gateways as well.

The simplicity of Stripe payment processing has them on the cutting edge of where e-commerce is headed, and we wanted to make sure that any WordPress store owners have the chance to use it. Get the MarketPress e-commerce plugin today and start selling right away with Stripe.